Having a class immediately following lunch is tough.


Either my blood is collecting in my stomach, or my blood sugar levels are low.


In any event, I'm really tired.


If only the teacher was a bit more understanding...


This timing of when physical education is scheduled... what a terrible arrangement.


Tsukasa: Here we go, Kouhei!


Today's class is soccer.


This is rare for Tsukasa.


He's unusually enthusiastic.


Kouhei: Alright, bring it!


My hands are snug in the goalie's gloves, I bring them together in a blocking stance.


He's already scored two goals.


I can't allow anymore.


Classmate A: You think you're getting past me?


Tsukasa: Hoh... toh...


He easily evades my teammate.


Just from watching, I can tell he's very good.


Tsukasa: Yoh...


Tsukasa: Hoh...


Continuing forward and dodging past two... no, three people, he's in front of me in the blink of an eye.


Tsukasa: Here it comes!


Tsukasa's center of gravity lowers.


His right foot is a blur.


Kouhei: !!


I instinctively calculate the path of the ball, and jump in the way.


  • thud*


I slide along the ground for a moment.


Kouhei: Owww....


The residual impact the ball made on my hands is still stinging.


As much as I'd like to, I probably shouldn't just lay here.


I stand up and look around.


The ball is slowly bouncing in Tsukasa's direction.


Kouhei: Shit...


I run towards the ball.


I need to grab it before he can take a second shot.


Tsukasa: Alright... good effort!


Tsukasa is also running towards it.


I can't tell which one of us is going to get there first...


In an instant, the distance between us closes.


Tsukasa: !!


In that moment, something unbelievable occurs.


From my flank, I see a second ball come out of no where.


Kouhei: Wait!


Tsukasa: No way!


Sliding across the ground, I catch the second ball.


With a loud whoosh, Tsukasa's shot passes just barely over my head.

ホイッスルが鳴り響く。 A whistle reverberates in the air.


Three goals...


Well, no helping it.


Tsukasa: Hey... what happened?


I hear Tsukasa's voice over me.


Kouhei: No... its fine.


Standing up shakily, I look at the object in my arms.




Tsukasa: A rabbit?


Kouhei: Yeah.


It's the rabbit named Yukimaru.


As if nothing just happened, it stares at me with unblinking red eyes.


Tsukasa: Where did he come from?


Kouhei: The Chapel.

【司】「礼拝堂? ? 非常食か?」?」

Tsukasa: The Chapel? What is he, emergency rations?


Kouhei: Just how do you deduce that?


Kouhei: Anyway, let's go bring him back.


Tsukasa: No one is going to be there except during lunch break or after school.


Kouhei: Seriously?


Tsukasa: Yeah. We'll just have to hold out until school ends.


Kouhei: Wait a second, why do you know there's not going to be anyone there during class?


Tsukasa: Don't ask stupid things like that.


Tsukasa: I'll leave the rest to you.


Kouhei: You're abandoning me?


Tsukasa: Sorry. I've got another two or three goals to make.




Tsukasa: Well, without you as goalie, I can probably make another five goals.

【孝平】「お前、経験者だろ? ? 誰がキーパーでも同じだ」

Kouhei: You're way too good at this game. It doesn't matter who's goalie, the outcome would be the same.


Tsukasa: Don't sell yourself short. You're a damn good goalie.


Kouhei: Thanks.


Tsukasa: Later.


With that, Tsukasa returns to the field and scores again in an instant.


Haruna: Waa~ how cute!


Haruna: What happened with that rabbit?


I explain the whole thing.


Kouhei: So, that's why I have to take care of him until sixth period.


Haruna: May I please hold him for a second?


Haruna: I wonder if he'll let me hold him.?


Kouhei: Maybe he will, maybe he won't...


Haruna: Well then, I'll just pet him.


Haruna: Uwaa~, he's so soft...


She says with a cheerful voice.


Tsukasa: What are you going to do during class?


The guy who nearly kicked the rabbit through the goal appears.


Kouhei: Hrmm... I guess I'll just hold him on my lap.


Tsukasa: Will that be okay?


Kouhei: Who knows...


Kouhei: Hey, Kuze-san.


I talk to the girl in the seat behind me.


Kouhei: Can you help cover for me?


Kiriha: I don't mind.

【孝平】「そうだ、紅瀬さんも少し撫でてみない? ? この柔らかさは和むよ」

Kouhei: Oh yeah... do you want to try petting him a bit too? He's calmed down.


Kiriha: ...


Quietly, Kuze-san stretched out her hand, gently placing it on the rabbit's back.


She gently strokes it.


Kiriha: ...


Wait... is Yukimaru trembling?


Kiriha: It looks very soft.


Kouhei: Isn't that what you say before petting it?


Kiriha: It's very delicious you know... rabbit soup, that is.


Kiriha: It's not on the school cafeteria menu, but...


Yukimaru begins to shake like a handheld massager.


It doesn't have a human level understanding... maybe its just Kuze-san's aura?


Kouhei: A... anyway, thanks for your help!


Kiriha: Yes.


Until sixth period, I hope Yukimaru doesn't do anything foolish.


I don't know if it was an effect of what Kuze-san said or not, but Yukimaru was utterly silent until sixth period.


Praising him for his restraint while holding him in my arms, I face the Church.


Shiro: Yukimaru!!


While looking at the Church and thinking, a little Sister runs into me.


Kouhei: Yup, I thought it might be Yukimaru.


Kouhei: I thought it'd be nice to return him when I saw him.


Shiro: Ah.... ah....


Kouhei: Ah?

【白】「ありがとうございます! ! ありがとうございます!」!」

Shiro: Thank you so very much! Thank you so very much!!


She's crying.


I didn't think she would be this delighted, I'm a bit taken aback.


Kouhei: Well, I should be going...


With that said, I start to leave.


She catches my sleeve and tugs me to a stop.


Shiro: Um... if you'd like, please come in and have some tea with us.


Sister Amaike: Ara~, Hasekura-kun. What brings you here I wonder?


I explain the situation.


Sister Amaike: Well, thank you very much for that.


Sister Amaike: There's an opening above one of the alcoves, apparently he escaped through that hole.


Escaping to freedom, huh?


You did your best, didn't you, Yukimaru.


If you want to be free, you have to find a way to protect yourself, you know?


After all, you nearly got punted through a pair of goal posts before I saved you.


Kouhei: I'm happy he's safe now.


Kouhei: If I had been a little slower, he would have become rabbit soup.


Shiro: Rabbit soup...


Shiro-chan's hands tremble at the thought, making the tea cups clatter.


Kouhei: I'm only joking.


Shiro: I... I see.


Maybe it would be best to not making jokes like that to Shiro-chan.

【白】「あれ? ? 支倉先輩、血が」

Shiro: Eh? Hasekura-senpai, you have blood on...


Looking, I can see a scab forming on the back of my hand.


Once again, I'm bleeding.


During gym class, I hit the ground many times.


Kouhei: It's nothing important.


Shiro: But... um... I'm concerned.


Sister Amaike: It would be best to disinfect it, no?


Sister Amaike: Tougi-san, please go get the first aid kit.


Shiro: Alright!


Shiro-chan vanishes deeper into the Church at a trot.


After the medical treatment is over, another guest arrives.


Seiichirou: Good afternoon, Sister.


Sister Amaike: Good afternoon, Tougi-san.


Seiichirou: Aah... Hasekura is also here.


Kouhei: Yeah... good afternoon.


For a second, I felt like looking at Tougi-sempai.


I wonder why?


Seiichirou: Shiro, you should show your face in the Prefect's Building more often.


Shiro: Ah... yes, I will, Nii-sama.


Kouhei: Is she helping you out there?


Shiro: No, I am also an officer.

【孝平】「え? ? 入学したばかりだよね?」?」

Kouhei: Eh? You just entered school, right?


Seiichirou: Aah... you're a transfer student.


Seiichirou: Election requires merely a vote of confidence. After that, you become an officer.


Seeiichirou: Even still, Shiro isn't very good at being a Prefect.


With that, he pets Shiro-chan's head.


Sister Amaike: She's still too nervous.


Sister Amaike: It's best if she slowly becomes accustomed to it, right Tougi-san?


Seiichirou: Yes... that's true, but...


Deep down, I feel worried for her.


Kouhei: Well then, I should be taking my leave now. Thank you very much for the delicious tea.


I bow my head to Sister Amaike and Tougi-senpai.


Shiro: I'll walk with you to the door.


Shiro: I thank you truly from the bottom of my heart.


She bobs her head quickly.


Kouhei: And I thank you as well.


I look to the band-aid on my neatly patched wound.


Shiro: ...


Kouhei: What's wrong?


Shiro: Hasekura-senpai, are you joining the student council?


Kouhei: Wha?


Kouhei: Where did you hear something like that?


Shiro: It's just something I heard by accident...


Shiro: Ah.. um...


Shiro: If Hasekura-senpai were to join, I would be very happy.


With that bombshell announcement, she leaves.






Me, joining the student council?


Accidentally heard... accidentally heard where?


Shiro-chan is an officer, so she almost certainly heard it from another student council member.


And if so, does that mean they'll be asking me soon?


Kouhei: ...


I'd imagine being a member of that sort of thing would be very demanding.


It's definitely an extremely influential organization.


More importantly than anything else, there's the president to consider.


A sense of danger rushes through my body at the thought.


If I am that close to him, I feel I would be in eminent danger.


There's also the vice president.


She certainly didn't fall in love with me at first sight, that much I know.




Kouhei: ... huh?


I'm forgetting something.


About love at first sight with the vice president...


Just why has she been avoiding me since we first met?


In the end, it all comes back to that one question.


After dinner, I return to my room.


I think we're having a tea party.


Anyway, there's one thing I have to check.


How exactly do Kanade-san and Haruna get into my room?


I turn off the lights.


I lay hidden among the blankets on my futon, while concealing my breath...


...waiting in ambush.








  • thump*


I hear a small sound.


Where did it come from?




  • thump thump thump*


My balcony?


  • unlatch*




  • roll open*


The door to my balcony opens.


As I sit up on my bed, something comes through the door.

【かなで】「やほー! ー! こーへー!」ー!」

Kanade: Yoo hoo! Kou~hei!


Haruna: Ah, Kouhei-kun. Sorry about the intrusion!


Kouhei: Don't just break into people's rooms!


Kanade: Eeh... Don't be so mean!


Kouhei: And breaking into other people's rooms is nice?

【孝平】「それに陽菜! ! 謝りながら『おじゃまします』って、悪いと思ってないだろ」

Kouhei: Haruna! To just casually apologize while letting yourself in, you don't think you're doing anything bad either, do you?


Haruna: Um...


Kanade: Don't tease Hina-chan!


Kouhei: I'm not teasing!


Tsukasa: Oh, we're doing it again today, right?


Tsukasa: I see it's already getting pretty exciting around here.


Kouhei: Listen, Tsukasa, it's not like that...


I explain the two girl's audacity to him.


Tsukasa: I see.


Tsukasa: In other words, in this room, you've got some items you'd like to keep concealed.


Kanade: What's this~?


Kanade: Kouhei! Since when did you become such a bad child!


Haruna: He's a boy, there's no helping it, Onee-chan.


Kouhei: Wait a second!


Kouhei: When did something become the truth just because you guys agree on it?


Tsukasa: Well then, let's ask you directly.


Tsukasa: Is there anything in this room that you don't want these two to see?


Tsukasa: You can refuse to answer if you want to.




There's a thing or two around that I probably shouldn't let them find.


But if I say 'there is', it feels like a defeat somehow.


Kouhei: Ah...


Kouhei: Then, I'll refuse to answer.


Tsukasa: See? There is.


Kanade: I see...


Haruna: No helping it.


Kouhei: Listen to people's answers!


I push my resentment onto the back burner as we start the tea party.


I'm starting to like this ritual.


Just a second ago, I placed a ban on entering the room when I'm not inside.


But they can still enter through the balcony if they want.


Kanade: If you're ever in bed from a cold, we can come from the room above to save you.


Kouhei: Just make sure to call me in advance, okay?


Kanade: Eh? But it would be bad if we woke you up while you were resting to get better, right?


Kouhei: What are you going to do if I'm naked in the process of wiping all the sweat off myself?


Kanade: I'd help out!


She's hopeless.


Does she want me to think of her as a fellow male?


Tsukasa: Ah.


Tsukasa: Oh, that's right. Just before I came in, I saw an aimlessly wandering girl out in the hall.


Tsukasa: She was looking at the name plate on this room very carefully.


Kouhei: ?


Kouhei: I'll go look.


Turning to the door, I look out the peephole.


I can see an eye.


Everything else is covered up by her peeping face.


... isn't that Shiro-chan?


Shiro: Uwa~!


Kouhei: Hey... what's up?


Shiro: Ah... Hasekura-senpai.


Shiro: Ah... um... the truth is...


Kanade: A guest?


Haruna: Why don't you let her in?


Kouhei: Yeah.


Kouhei: I'm having a tea party with some friends, would you like to join us?


Shiro: Well... um...


She's wavering.


Kouhei: There's some other girls, you'll be fine.


Shiro: But...


Looks like she doesn't quite have the courage.


Kouhei: Look.


Taking Shiro-chan's hand, I guide her into the room.


Haruna: Good evening.


Kanade: Yaa~hoo!


Shiro: G... good evening.


Haruna: You can sit here.


Shiro: Thank you very much.


Tsukasa: An acquaintance of yours, Kouhei?


Kouhei: Yes, her name is Tougi Shiro-chan.


Haruna: Tougi...


Kouhei: Yeah, she's the student council Tougi-senpai's younger sister, now a fourth year.


Kouhei: Did I get that right?


Shiro: Yes. Pleased to meet everyone.


Kouhei: She helps out Sister Amaike down at the Chapel.


Haruna: Then, you're a member of the Laurel Ring?


Shiro: Yes. I joined during the first term.


Kanade: The Laurel Ring doesn't have enough members, right? Every member counts now.


Shiro: Yes... our numbers are decreasing...


Kanade: Maru-chan is always drowning in work...


Shiro: Maru?


Haruna: Well, you see... it's Sister...


Kouhei: Shiro doesn't need to know that.


Haruna: I suppose so.


Kanade: And I'm the King of Dorm Managers. You know me?


Shiro: Yes, you're Yuuki Kanade-senpai, right?


Kanade: *bzzt* That's only my stage name.


Shiro: ??


Kanade: My true name is Lyrical Kanade!


Shiro: ??


Tsukasa: She actually believed you, you know.


Haruna: Well, Yuuki Kanade is her real name.


Shiro: Ah... I see.


As I thought, Shiro is a gullible person.


Haruna: My name is Yuuki Haruna. I'm our dorm leader's younger sister, and a member of the Beautification Committee.


Shiro: Nice to meet you.


Tsukasa: I'm Tsukasa, "Go Home" Club member.


Shiro: Ah... y-yes...


She's pretty terrified of him.


His appearance has that sort of effect on people.


Kouhei: By the way, did you have some reason for coming here?


Shiro: Well...


Shiro: I wanted to thank you for finding Yukimaru for me today.


Rummaging around, she pulls a book out of her school bag.


It's a book about rabbits.


Shiro: The truth is, rabbits are very fragile.


Shiro: Even when you're just hold them, if you're not careful...


Kouhei: Did you write this?


Shiro: Yes, that's right.


I take the book.


“Living with Rabbits” is the title.


Flipping through the pages, I see it's instructions on how to take care of a rabbit, complete with illustrations and easy to understand explanations.


Kouhei: Thank you.


Shiro: No, I'm happy that there is one more person looking after Yukimaru now.


I'm glad to see Shiro-chan's obviously happy expression.

【陽菜】「白ちゃんは、紅茶にする? ? コーヒー? ー? 緑茶?」?」

Haruna: Shiro-chan, would you like black tea? Coffee? Green tea?


Shiro: Then, I'll take green tea...


Haruna: Sounds good, I'll pour it.


Kanade: Today's tea cake is... taa daa!


Kanade: Kintsuba! (Kintsuba is a Japanse style confectionery treat made from flour and grain bean paste).


Shiro: I... I really love kintsuba.

【かなで】「おお! ! わたし、ナイスチョイス!」!」

Kanade: Ooh! What a nice choice by me!


Today is a Japanese style tea party.


Shiro: Ah... I... should get going soon....


Kanade: Ehhhh?


Haruna: But, it's only 11 PM, so...


Shiro: Before I go to bed, I need to return the many calls Nii-sama has sent me.


Tsukasa: Under strict surveillance, huh.


Shiro: No, he's just concerned for my sake.


Kouhei: Gotcha. Will you be alright getting out on your own?


Shiro: Yes.


Kanade: Next time, make sure you bring your own cup, Shiro-chan!.


Haruna: Feel free to invite a friend as well.


Shiro: Understood.


Shiro-chan looks delighted.