Aoto: First prepare by boiling the water.


Aoto: Then you light the magnesium ribbon and put it in the water.


Actually, I forgot to ask the president earlier.


If I'm not a vampire, why was I chosen to be an officer on the student council?


When go there today, I'll ask.


Aoto: When do you that, what do you think will happen Hasekura?


Kouhei: Yes.


I stand up.


Crap, I wasn't listening.


Somebody help me please!


Tsukasa: Zzz.


I look to the worst possible person for help.


Haruna: Mm...


That was Haruna's voice.


She casually puts a written note on her desk.


"The Magnisum ribbon will burn when it's put in the water?"


Was written there.


Kouhei: It will burn.


Aoto: Correct.


Even though I answered the question, I feel badly about it.


I sit back down in my seat while I thank Haruna with my eyes.


She smiles back at me.


Tsukasa: Oh, it's over.


He gets up with a sleepy look on his face.


Kouhei: You have a mark on your face from sleeping on the desk.


Tsukasa: Mm?


He lazily rubs his cheek with his hands.


Kouhei: On your forehead.


Tsukasa: Over there eh?


Haruna: Kouhei-kun.


Haruna just finished putting her textbook in her bag, and is looking over at me.


Kouhei: Hm?


Haruna: Is something wrong?


Uh oh.


Is is the vampire thing?


Kouhei: Why?


Haruna: In class you were thinking about something very hard.


Ah, she was worried about me.


Tsukasa: Something your worrying about?


Kouhei: No not really.


Haruna: I see.


Kouhei: By the way, you really helped me there in class. Thanks a lot.


Haruna: It's no big deal.


Haruna shakes her head a bit, and her soft hair sways peacefully.


Haruna: Well then I'm going to the committee.


Kouhei: The Beautification Committee huh?


Haruna: Yeah, there's cleaning today.


Kouhei: I see, work hard then.


Haruna: I'll give it 110% today!


She clasps her hands together in front of her small body.


Tsukasa: I guess I'll be going too then.


Kouhei: Your part time job?


Tsukasa: Along with some smuggling, yes.


Kouhei: I see, good luck.


Tsukasa: Yeah.


I wave lightly, seeing them both off.


I also have to hurry and get to the Prefect's building.


Because it's not locked, I go right in.


When I open the door, I see that the president and the vice president are already sitting down.


Tougi-sempai is sitting in the corner in front of a computer.


I don't see Shiro-chan around anywhere.


Did she go to the Laurel Ring?


Kouhei: Excuse me.


Erika: Good, that's a nice natural feeling.


She uncrosses her legs and walks up to me.


Kouhei: How was it?


Erika: 60 points.


Kouhei: That's kinda low.


Erika: It's low because you're not energetic enough.


Erika: I said it the other day didn't I?


Kouhei: What?


Why is the vice president smiling like that?


And she says nothing.


Kouhei: What is it all of a sudden?


Erika: Mou. Here, here!


The vice president pokes my cheek with her finger.


Kouhei: Ah my smile?


Erika: Exactly.


She smiles and nods with satisfaction.


Iori: With both Hasekura-kun and Shiro-chan in the Prefect's building, it's a lot nicer isn't it?


Kouhei: Is that so?


Iori: Not that it was depressing before, but there were only 3 people here.


Iori: Now with two new people we can move towards a better student council.


The president nods with satisfaction as well.


Kouhei: Um, there is something I want to ask.


Iori: About vampires?


Kouhei: No, I want to know why I was chosen.


Kouhei: You said you'd tell me if I joined, right?


Iori: Ah, that.


Erika: Ah, I wanted to hear that as well.


Iori: Because we needed Hasekura's powers.


Kouhei: Specifically?


Iori: Support for Erika.


Kouhei: Then even if it wasn't me, just anyone would have been fine?


Iori: No, you are quite suitable.


Iori: When I say support, I mean having a supportive relationship like Sei and I.


Kouhei: What kind of relationship would that be?


Iori: A unity of both spirit and body.


Seiichirou: No.


A swift and definite response comes from across the room.


Iori: And the kind of relationship that we can have quick comebacks like this.


Kouhei: I see.


Iori: If we aren't in tune with the other person then we can't support each other.


Kouhei: The vice president is in tune with me?


Iori: That is what I believe.


Iori: I mean, you've already seen her naked and everything.


Erika: Wha!


I remember the incident in the bathroom.


The memory of her nicely proportioned body rise to the surface on my thoughts.


Thank you, memory!






*shake shake*


I return from my journey down memory lane when somebody shakes my shoulders.


Erika: Hasekura-kun, why are you spacing out?!


Erika: You were remembering it right now, weren't you?


Kouhei: No, I've already forgotten it, it's disappeared.


Erika: Honestly...


Erika: I'm remembering it too you know.


With her face red, she lets go of me.


Erika: I want you to completely forget anything you saw then!


Iori: Without using memory erasure, that's not the sort of thing you'd forget.


Iori: That's been firmly recorded in the videotape of Hasekura's heart, right?


Erika: Is that true?


Kouhei: Well, I can't say he's completely incorrect without coming dangerously close to lying...


Erika: Umm...


Erika: Then erase the tape, erase it!


Kouhei: Some things can't be undone...


Erika: Then we'll have to overwrite the tape!


Erika: Do you understand?


She looks at me with her face inches from mine.




Erika: Mm.


Her cheeks turn red again and she looks away.


Kouhei: W- What's wrong?


Erika: I- It's nothing.


Erika: Remembering is fine, just don't say anything.


She says, composing herself to meet my gaze.


Her cheeks are still red.


Kouhei: G- got it.


I can't look straight at her, so I drop my gaze to the desk.


Iori: I thought you two would make a good combination.


Erika: When you do that kind of thing, it makes it a lot harder!


Iori: Oh, so Erika you'd be alright with just anybody?


Erika: Thats....


The vice president pauses to think.


Erika: Hasekura-kun looks like he'd be easy to work with, and he's sincere and honest.


Kouhei: I'm sincere?


Erika: Even though you were set up by my brother, you went out of your way to apologize.


Kouhei: Of course, that's natural.


Erika: It's because you think it's natural that I say you're sincere.


Kouhei: Is that so?


Iori: Then there's no problem right?


Iori: Well then, Hasekura-kun, serve Erika as well as Tougi Seiichirou has served me.


He puts both his hands on my shoulders and his eyes sparkle as they look into mine.


Kouhei: Ahh.


Seiichirou: Don't mind Iori's confusing analogies.


Seiichirou: I think it'll be fine as long as you two can become efficient working together.


Kouhei: I see. I kind of understand your reasoning.


Kouhei: So, what work do you want me to do?


Erika: First I want you to learn how we do our work here.


Kouhei: How so?


Erika: Just practice!


She points her finger right at me.


On the other side of that finger, her strong-willed eyes shine.


Erika: For Hasekura, we'll find some extremely important work for you.


Kouhei: Already?


Erika: My brother and Seiichirou are retiring in September, so you have to learn how to do the job by then.


Only four and a half months until they retire.


Until then, we'll have to learn to fill the hole left by the president.


Erika: Seiichirou-san, Do you see any problem with leaving the sports festival to him?


Seiichirou: None at all, it would be the perfect time too.


Erika: Then lets do that.


Kouhei: What kind of work has to be done for the sports festival?


Erika: It means to become the chairman of the sports festival.

【孝平】「委員長? 俺が?」

Kouhei: Chairman? Me?


Erika: Every year, one member of the student council does the job, this year we'll leave it to you.


She smiles, then returns to her seat.


Kouhei: But, I don't know anything about last years sports festival.


Iori: It's fine, it's fine. Just sign whatever they give you and it'll be okay somehow.


Kouhei: Isn't doing that kind of thing a bit negligent?


Iori: That's what I did last year.


Erika: Don't listen to what my brother says.


Erika: But there is a lot of skilled people on the sports festival committee, it's fine for your first job.


Erika: If there anything you don't understand, ask my brother. If you have any problems, come to me and I'll follow up on it.


Kouhei: In that case, I'll get it done somehow.


Seiichirou: What will you do, Hasekura?


I'm a bit uneasy about suddenly working as a chairman.


And only one month until the sports festival.


But I think it would be a good experience, let's try it.


Kouhei: I'll do my best.


Erika: If the chairman is that timid, the committee members will be uneasy.


Erika: Since you're supporting the school you should be proud and have confidence!


I give a nod at her speech.


Kouhei: Ah, I will.


Erika: Hasekura-kun, with confidence!


She quickly dispels my indecisiveness.


If I'm going to because a reliable member of the student council, I should act like it right?


Then I should start by taking my first step now.


Kouhei: I understand, leave it to me.


Erika: Yes, exactly like that.


The vice president smiles, lighting up her whole face.