//April 8//


Tsukasa: "Zzz..."


Kiriha: "..."


Tsukasa is sleeping as if there's no tomorrow.


Kuze-san doesn't even have her textbook open and just stares out of the window.


A new year, a new term.


No matter how unenthusiastic you are, it's the period when you are at least a little nervous.


Tsukasa: "Zzz..."


Kiriha: "..."


These two's nerves are beyond human reasoning.


Math Teacher: "Then... Kuze, try solving this question."


He's probably telling her to pay more attention.


I can't tell by his smile.


Kiriha: "x = -y ± √(y^2-4πr)/2π"


She just recited an incantation!

【数 学教師】「ぐむっ……」

Math Teacher: "Guhuh..."


She even silenced the teacher!


I feel sorry for him.






The lead in my mechanical pencil broke.


I don't have any more spares.


Haruna: "Here."


She quietly passes some to me.


Kouhei: "Thank you."


Haruna: "Sure."
// the うん sounds a bit affirmative //


She quickly turns back to the chalkboard.


She's so diligent.


For me, half of my brain is directed towards the lesson. The other half is thinking about the vice president.


The talk about the female bath incident is dying down in these few days.


Surprisingly, I must thank the president...


...though he didn't actually help me with anything.


To put it simply, his playful character is well known throughout the school, and when I explain the situation...


Everyone says, 'It sounds like something he would do. You have my sympathy.'


But it's a fact that I've become famous.


I've been the assailant. I've been the victim. And now everyone knows my name.
//'and for the time being, I'm probably "that" Hasekura-kun'; by this i think he means his name is well-known, like everyone will say "it's that Hasekura-kun." --Frank//


The problem is, no matter how you look at it the victim is the vice president.


I must apologize to her somehow...


Math Teacher: "So... Hachimandaira, solve this question."


Tsukasa: "Zzz..."


The chalk in his hand snaps.

//after school//


After school.


Tsukasa: "It finally ended?"


He stretches.


I can hear the joints in his body.


Kouhei: "You can really sleep the whole day on a desk."


Tsukasa: "It isn't that hard if someone kindly sings you a lullaby."


Kouhei: "That's mean."


Tsukasa: "Kuze is above me in being mean."


He glances at the seat behind me.


Kuze-san is about to get up from her seat.


Kiriha: "That's surprising. All I did was answering the question."


Tsukasa: "See? Above me right?"


Kouhei: "I guess so."

【桐 葉】「さよなら」

Kiriha: "Goodbye."


She leaves after looking at us coldly.


Tsukasa: "As expected from the Ice Queen."


Kouhei: "What?"


Tsukasa: "That's what she's called."


Kouhei: "I see."


Tsukasa: "Well, I'm heading off."


Kouhei: "Club activity?"


Tsukasa: "I'm a devoted 'go home' club member."


He leaves.


Haruna: "Kouhei-kun, are you looking for a club to join?"


Kouhei: "Well, more or less."


I vaguely told her.


I don't involve myself with clubs very much.


I've been transferring schools often, so I never feel like joining one.


Haruna: "Oh, really?"


She seems to catch on.


Kouhei: "What about you?"

【陽 菜】「美化委員会。ゴミ拾いしたり、花壇の世話したり」

Haruna: "I'm a beautification committee member. We do things like picking up garbage and taking care of flower beds."


Kouhei: "That suits you."

【陽菜】「ん? 褒められてる?」

Haruna: "Hmm? Is that a compliment?"


Kouhei: "Ah."
//script trouble here. don't change. --Frank//


Kouhei: "Well, I'll take a look at some club activities sometime."


Haruna: "Yeah, that'd be good."


Kouhei: "Anyway, there's a place I need to go."


Haruna: "Okay, see you."


That's right.


There's a place I need to go.

//cut to prefectural building//






Kouhei: "Anyone here...?"


No one seems to be here.


I try pushing the door, but it's locked.


I don't know when I'll be able to talk to her.


Perhaps the only way is to visit her class.

//cut to Kouhei's room//


I've taken a bath. It's just about time they turn the lights off.


My cellphone rings.


...It's from Kanade-san.


Kouhei: "Yes?"


Kanade: "Is it okay to go have some tea right now?"


Kanade: "I've stocked up the tea leaves and beans."


She's so prepared though she just mentioned this yesterday.


Kouhei: "Okay."


Kouhei: "But wait a minute, let me clean my room fir..."




Kanade: "Good evening!"


Kouhei: "Huh!"


Haruna: "I'm coming in."

【孝 平】「部屋の前で電話したんですか」

Kouhei: "Did you make the call in front of the door?"


Kanade: "It's fun, like in those drama series, right?"


Yeah, for the caller.


Haruna: "I'll warm the water."

【かなで】「こーへー、あのテーブルある? 引っ越しのときにあったでしょ」

Kanade: "Kouhei, where's that table? I saw it when you moved in."


Kouhei: "Ah, the folding table."


I take the table from the corner of the room.


Kouhei: "Will this do?"


Kanade: "That'll be fine~"


Kanade: "Hiyah!"


She spread a white sheet on the table.
//クロス = cloth --Frank//


Kanade: "We also have some tea cakes."


Kanade: "Kouhei, yesterday's tea set, please."


Kouhei: "Roger."


And we continue the preparation.


Haruna: "It's boiling now. Just a little longer and we can make some tea."


Kanade: "We also have to find a coffee grinder."


Kouhei: "I think just black tea is enough."


Kanade: "It'd be bad for those who like coffee, right?"


So she plans to come here again?


Kouhei: "More importantly, I think we should find some cushions."


I give the girls the cushions so I'm the only one sitting cross-legged on the carpet.


Kanade: "It can't be helped. I'll go find some if I have time."


Haruna: "Ah, it's almost ready."


Haruna grabs the teapot.


She pours the amber tea into the cups.


A pleasant scent fills the room.


Kanade: "Wow~ Looks tasty."


Kouhei: "It smells nice."


She made just enough tea for three of us.


Cookies are placed in the center of the table.


A graceful combination.
//i prefer reserving the word "elegant" only for Erika lol. --Frank//


If there were only guys here it wouldn't be like this.


Kanade: "Itadakimasu."


Haruna: "Let's eat up."


Kouhei: "Itadakimasu."


I start taking a sip.




Kanade: "!"


Haruna: "How is it?"


Kanade: "Fuwa~ Such a nice feeling..."

【か なで】「さっすがひなちゃん、わたしのヨメ!」

Kanade: "As expected from Hina-chan, my wife!"


Wait, she's your wife?


Haruha: "Glad to hear it's good."

【孝 平】「俺、あまり紅茶って飲まないんだけど……」

Kouhei: "I usually don't drink black tea but..."


Kouhei: "This is really good. I'm surprised, to be honest."


Kanade: "You're good at complimenting someone."
// Does this make it sound like she's being sarcastic? Her voice in the audio isn't. //
//not sarcasm. --Frank//


Kouhei: "No, I mean it."


Haruna: "Thanks."


Kouhei: "The cookies are also good."


Kanade: "Those were bought."


Kouhei: "...They're probably good because of the black tea."


Haruna: "Ahaha."


Kanade: "Okay, next is green tea time!"


Kouhei: "Why that?"


Haruna: "We're thinking of trying different ones out."


We take out the teapot, the teacups and some senbei and arrange them in order.


Haruna: "But the opening ceremony must have been tough for you."


She pours the tea into our cups.


Kanade: "You've suddenly become famous as well."


Kouhei: "Rather than famous, I think I've suddenly become exposed."


Haruna: "That reminds me, were you able to meet Sendou-san yesterday?"


Kouhei: "Nope."


Kanade: "Oh, boy..."


Kouhei: "If you could, could you tell me the vice president's class?"


Haruna: "Isn't she in the class next door? I think she's in class 2."


Kouhei: "Got it."


Kanade: "Be sure to clear any misunderstandings, okay?"


Haruna: "That's right."


Kanade: "We have a welcome party tomorrow. You should be able to meet her there as well."


Kouhei: "Then I guess I'll ask around there."


Kanade: "Then, let's drink for Hasekura Kouhei-kun, cheers."
//maybe just "Kouhei"? --Frank//


Haruna: "Onee-chan, this is just green tea..."


Kanade: "Don't mind the small details, or you'll never become a wife..."


Kanade: "Wait, you're already my wife."


A quick resolution.


Kanade: "Well then, cheers!"


Haruna: "Cheers!"


Kouhei: "I'll try my best!"




The toast makes a dull but strangely soothing sound.

//Switch POV to the hallway//


Haruna: "I didn't think we could drink tea like this again."


Kanade: "Yeah, that was quite fun."

【陽 菜】「でもさ、やっぱり気にしてるかな、孝平くん」

Haruna: "But I think Kouhei-kun is really worried."


Kanade: "Hina-chan."


Kanade: "Everything will be okay. He knows that too."

【陽 菜】「でも……」

Haruna: "But..."


Kanade: "No buts."


Kanade: "No one is wrong here. You shouldn't worry all by yourself."


Kanade: "It's either no one worries or everyone worries."


Haruna: "A... alright."


Kanade: "If Kouhei says anything weird, I'll beat him up for you."


Haruna: "Um, that's not what I mean..."


Kanade: "Just leave it to onee-chan!"


Haruna: "...Okay."

//April 9//




I notice there's a commotion in the hallway when I reach the class.


Quite a number of people have gathered.


Kouhei: "What is this?"


Tsukasa: "Something that happens all the time. Just ignore it."


Kouhei: "You make me more curious when you say that."


Tsukasa: "Look over there."


He points to something among the crowd.


I stand on my toes and look inside.


Kouhei: "An announcement?"
//prev ver: Looks like a sheet of paper has been pinned up.//


Tsukasa: "It's the results for last year's final exams."


Kouhei: "Why are they announcing it now?"


Tsukasa: "They do it on purpose, because report cards will be sent to us later."
//could someone check this line's meaning again? --Frank//


Tsukasa: "Basically, they want us to regain our enthusiasm after the spring break"


Kouhei: "I see... sounds hard."


Tsukasa: "Well, it doesn't concern us anyway."


Kouhei: "It doesn't concern me because I didn't take it, but it concerns you right?"


Tsukasa: "I didn't take the exams either."


Kouhei: "Um, I'm pretty sure you did."


Tsukasa: "Honestly, I can't recall I ever took them."


I guess he doesn't want me to ask.


Haruna: "...Are you two talking about something?"


Haruna joins in.


She looks a bit uneasy.


Kouhei: "The test results."


Haruna: "Ah, the one we took last term, right?"


Haruna: "I'm going to take a look."


She breaks through the crowd.


Erika: "Gu..."


The vice president is among the people.


She sure stands out no matter where she is, in a good sense.


Erika: "She again..."


She looks very unhappy.


Kouhei: "What's that about?"


Tsukasa: "A part of the 'something that happens all the time' I mentioned."


Kouhei: "Is it okay if I talk to her now?"


Tsukasa: "Don't. This is the worst time to do that."


Kouhei: "Yeah, I have that kind of feeling."


Tsukasa: "The vice president is always the best if it's cumulative score."


Kouhei: "Yeah."


Tsukasa: "But she never gets the top score in math."


Kouhei: "She's bad at it?"


Tsukasa: "No, the top place in math is reserved for someone else."


Kouhei: "Who?"


Tsukasa: "Kuze Kiriha."


Kouhei: "Eh?"


That was unexpected.


Tsukasa: "Not only that, she gets full marks most of the time."


Kouhei: "Wow..."


Erika: "I can't believe it, she's just trying to make fun of me!"


She leaves in a huff.


Haruna: "Seems like she didn't win again."


Haruna returns.


Kouhei: "It's pretty mean to say, 'she's trying to make fun of me.'"


Kouhei: "Kuze-san must have tried her best too."


Haruna: "It can't be helped. It's because Kuze-san nearly fails all other subjects."


Haruna: "My intuition says she's doing it on purpose."


I don't need a girl's intuition to tell. She's clearly doing it on purpose.


Kuze Kiriha.


Someone that shouldn't be taken lightly.


Kouhei: "By the way, how did you do, Haruna?"


Haruna: "Eh, me?"


Haruna: "I did... okay."


Seems like she's being modest.

【孝 平】「司は結局どうだったんだ」

Kouhei: "So anyway, how did you do, Tsukasa?"


Tsukasa: "Well, time to sleep."


He quickly enters the classroom.

//cut to cafeteria//


It's lunch break.


I finish my lunch and head back to class.


Kouhei: "Oh."


Over there...


I can see someone walking in the old grounds.


That's... Kuze-san.


She is holding six cardboard boxes in her arms.


They're stacked up even higher than her head.


She looks a little unsteady. Is it because she can't see in front of her?


Kouhei: "Let me help."


Kiriha: "Who's that?"


Kouhei: "It's Hasekura."


Kiriha: "Ah... Hasekura-kun."


She definitely can't see.


Kiriha: "I'm fine."


Kouhei: "You look like you're having a bit of trouble..."


Kiriha: "No, I'm fine."


Kouhei: "You can barely walk."


I take three of the boxes.


These could weigh more than 10 kilos.


She was carrying double of this?

【孝 平】「一人に持たせる量じゃないだろ」

Kouhei: "This is more than one person could carry!"

【桐 葉】「サディストの体育教師に好かれてるみたいね」

Kiriha: "It seems our sadistic PE teacher likes me."


Kouhei: "He should have called for more help."
//prev ver: He should have chosen someone else he's fond of to help you.//


Kiriha: "That isn't my problem."


She sets off with a huff.


I walk up alongside her.


Kouhei: "So where are we bringing these?"


Kiriha: "The fifth year's classrooms, one for each class. They're student notebooks or something."


Kouhei: "I see."


There are six fifth year classes.


Thus one box for each class.

【黒猫】 「にゃー」

Black Cat: "Meow~"


Kouhei: "Huh?"


A black cat approaches us out of nowhere.


It circles around Kuze-san's feet.


Kiriha: "Move it."


Black Cat: "Meow~"


Her words are in vain, as the cat continue to circles her feet, blocking her path.


Kiriha: "I said move it."


Black Cat: "Meow~?"


It shows little intention of going away.


However, Kuze-san seems talented at avoiding the cat with her footwork.


Kouhei: "Kuze-san, you have really good reflexes, don't you?"

【桐葉】「さあ? 考えたことないわ」

Kiriha: "Really? I've never thought about it."


She says that while dancing around the cat. 
// lit: even though she says that, if she wasn't skilled she would have fallen by now //


Kouhei: "Not only teachers, cats also seem to like you... How surprising."


Kiriha: "And you as well. What an unlucky day."


Kouhei: "Hahaha..."


Kouhei: "So, why is this cat following you?"


Kiriha: "Why don't you ask it?"


Kouhei: "Sure."


Kouhei: "Why are you following her, cat?"


Black Cat: "Meow~"


Kouhei: "It said it smelled something nice."


Kiriha: "This is the first time I've met someone who can speak cat's language."


Kiriha: "If you can talk to it, translate my request."


Kouhei: "She wants you to leave."

【黒 猫】「にゃお」

Black Cat: "Meow."


The cat leaves.

【孝平】 「……」

Kouhei: "..."


Kouhei: "Yeah, um... despite what you just saw, I can't really talk to cats."


Kiriha: "I know as much."


We finally reach the entrance.


Kouhei: "Only a little bit farther. Hang in there."


Kiriha: "I'm okay."


With that said, she goes on ahead...


...without taking off her shoes.


Kouhei: "..."


I wonder if she realizes it or not.


I wanna see her reaction.


Kouhei: "Hey."


Kiriha: "What?"


Kiriha: "Your shoes."


Kiriha: "...Ah."


Kiriha: "That might be a good idea."


Kuze-san quickly switches to her indoor shoes.


Kiriha: "Happy now?"


She makes it sound like she only changed her shoes because I told her to.


She's hiding her embarrassment by putting on a sullen look.


Kouhei: "Yep, I am."


Kiriha: "Let's go."


She continues to carry them.
//lit., turn around and walk off//


She's got a mischievous character, but she's fun to play around with.

//after school//


After school.


We have the freshmen welcome party today.


It's been a hot topic in our class.


Haruna: "Kouhei-kun, want to go together?"


Kouhei: "Sure."
// a bit more emphasis than "okay" //

//cut to cafeteria//


Many people has already gathered in the cafeteria.


Some are in different kind of outfits, probably recruiting new members for their clubs.


There's even a person with her hair tied up in a bun dressed in a Chinese dress.
// even the Japanese refers to it as a china-dress; wouldn't they use the proper word if they intended to? Also, "a lot of people in unrecognizable outfits are also present" //
//prev ver: There's even a person with her hair tied up in a bun, dressed in a cheongsam (body hugging one piece chinese dress).//
//i'll just turn "cheongsam" to "chinese dress" because the former sounds lol --Frank//


The welcome party for new students is basically a buffet.


The tables are crammed with foods such as chicken karaage or yakisoba.
//maybe we should just changed chicken karaage to fried chicken? i don't want to excessively use footnotes much.//
//"like" means "something similar" here. i don't think it's the right word//
//or may be just "many food" w/o necessarily giving example?//


And there are some middle-aged people helping out at the counters.


Does that mean I can order at any time?


Kiriha: "..."


I notice Kuze-san brush past me.


Isn't that the exit?


Haruna: "Kuze-san, are you leaving already?"


Kiriha: "Yes."


Kiriha: "And Hasekura-kun, thanks for today."


She departs after saying that.


Haruna: "Did something happen?"


Kouhei: "I helped her carry some stuff."


Haruna: "Ah."


Kouhei: "But I think she should eat something before she left."


Haruna: "It's a shame, isn't it."


Kouhei: "Ah well, maybe she hates this sort of things."


Being late on the first day and deliberately doing badly in tests, she's a weird person.


Suddenly, an applause breaks out.


I see a person with a microphone on a stepladder...




Kanade: "Everyone, attention please!"


Kanade: "I'm Yuuki, the dorm leader. Some people call me Kanade, the conscience of Hakuhou Dormitory."
// she's on the public morals committee... //


Male student A: "Hey hey hey hey."
//better translation? --Frank//


Male student B: Stop with the joke, ha ha ha."


Kanade: "Morality seals for each of you after this."


The freshmen obviously can't keep up.


Kanade: "This is your welcome party, so your seniors will be treating you."


Kanade: "Feel free to indulge yourself in the delicacy of our school's cuisine."


Kanade: "However..."


The tone of her voice suddenly drops.


Kanade: "People who leave any food behind will be remembered by our school's Iron Chef and guaranteed to spend three years of misery in our cafeteria."


Kanade: "Just because you're being treated doesn't mean you can carelessly order."


Thank goodness I finished all of the hot pot we had earlier.


Kanade: "Also, it'll be hectic if everyone tries to order all at once, so finish those on your tables first."
Also, if everyone orders there won't be enough room on the table, so please finish everything first.


Kanade: "Got it?"


The Freshmen: "Yes~!"


Kanade: With that, congratulations to your enrollment.
//any better wording?//


Kanade: "Itadakimasu!"


The Freshmen: "Itadakimasu!"


And in an instant, they rush to the counters with their favorite foods.


Kanade: "Hey! You promised me, didn't you!?"


Giant burgers, prawn and eel udon, crab and scallop curry, extra large dandan noodles with every topping possible...


Expensive items are being sold like hot cakes.


There are also demonstrations from different clubs.


Leaflets are all over the place, people are dancing, singing, performing martial arts.


It's like some lively festival.




I wonder if I can get to talk with the vice president.


She stands out, so I should be able to find her easily.


As I wander aimlessly around, something catches my eye.


They're images of places in our school hastily put together and captions describing them.


Kouhei: ...


Hey, I remember those... that angle, that camera shake...


Kouhei: "Aren't those the photos I took before!?"


I heard nothing about them being used here.




So the 108 secrets was a trap set by Kanade-san.


Be it the president or the dorm leader, I'm sure surrounded by troublesome people.


???: "Ah."


I heard a voice beside me.


Seiichirou: "It's you."


It's Tougi-senpai.


And Shiro-chan, hiding behind him.


Shiro: "Good afternoon."


She bows to me.


Seiichirou: "I heard that you caught the rabbit for my sister the other day."


Seiichirou: "Sorry for the trouble."


Kouhei: "Not at all."


Seiichirou: "Shiro."


Shiro: "Yes. Um, thank you very much."


She bows again.


This is somewhat embarrassing.


Kouhei: "Don't worry about it."


Shiro: "Ah, yes."


Seiichirou: "...Well, let's go, Shiro."


Shiro: "Yes, nii-sama."


She bows again.


That's the third time.


Shortly after, I found the vice president.


She's talking with some people.


If I wait, there should be a chance I could have a word with her.


It'll get worse if I delay any longer. I might as well solve it here.




After some time, the vice president comes out of the crowd.


Maybe she's going to order some food.


Here's my chance.


Kouhei: "Vice president."


Erika: "Ah..."


She tenses up.


Kouhei: "Could we talk for a second?"


Erika: "Well, I don't mind."


She said coldly.


Guess I can't blame her, since I stood her up last time.

【瑛 里華】「あ、ボロネーゼをお願いします」

Erika: "Ah, spaghetti with Bolognese sauce, please."
//this sounds more English --Frank//


She orders her food at the counter.


Kouhei: "Sorry that I couldn't make it last time."


Erika: "Honestly..."


Erika: "Ignoring a promise in that kind of situation, what were you thinking?"


Well, it's because of Kanade-san's hot pot...


Even though it's not my fault, I guess it doesn't matter.


Kouhei: "Sorry."


I bow deeply.


Although I can't actually see her, I know she is staring at me.


Until the person forgives you, you do not raise your head.








Erika: "It's okay. I didn't check if you had any plans after all and told you that all by myself."


Kouhei: "But I'm the one who didn't refuse."


Erika: "That's admirable. I'll forgive you."


Kouhei: "Also..."


Erika: "What?"


Kouhei: "About the bath incident."


Erika: "Ah."


She makes a sour face.


Erika: "I heard from nii-san already."


Erika: "I know you didn't mean it."


Kouhei: "Still, I must apologize."


Kouhei: "Sorry."


Erika: "Hmm..."


Erika: "Well, I couldn't believe you fell for something like that, but you just transferred here after all..."


Kouhei: "Glad to hear that."


Erika: "I also went too far in the opening ceremony."


Kouhei: "..."


A dreadful memory resurfaces in my mind.


Kouhei: "The gossip is fading away. It's okay."


Iron Chef: "One spaghetti with Bolognese sauce. I give you a large serving."


Erika: "Thank you very much."


Vice president takes the exquisite plate of spaghetti.
//don't add "the" to "president" or "vice president" for now.//


Iron Chef: "Erika-chan, you're beautiful as always~"


Erika: "Haha, stop flattering me."


Erika says while laughing.


Kouhei: "Oh, and..."


Erika: "There's more?"


Yes, there is.


President told me that she fell in love with me at first sight.


I have to find out whether that's true or not.


Kouhei: "Are you the type to fall in love at first sight, vice president?"


Erika: "What?"

なに言ってんの? って顔をされた。

Her face is telling me, "What are you talking about?"


Kouhei: "Love at first sight."


Erika: "Hmm..."


She places her hand on her chin and starts thinking.


She's thinking about it quite seriously actually.






Erika: "Nope, haven't happened to me before."


Kouhei: "I see."


I'm a little disappointed.


Erika: "Why are you asking that all of a sudden?"


Kouhei: "Well, actually..."


Erika: "Wait."


She cuts me off.


Erika: "Wait a second, wait a second, wait a second..."


She looks down while citing those words.


Seems like she's thinking about something.




She slowly raises her head.


Now she has an unsettling expression.


Erika: "Nii-san was the one who told you that, right?"


Kouhei: "That is correct."


Erika: "What is he trying to do!?"


Erika: "Why did he say something that's easily seen through like that?"


She's scary.


Kouhei: "Well, it's good that we cleared this up."


Erika: "I guess so."


Erika: "I'll be sure to speak to nii-san about this." 
// Can't think of a good way to reword this to show that she's implying she's going to beat it into him //
//i think the vein on her head already did the job.//


Kouhei: "Please do."
// "Good luck with that" or "I'll leave that to you" might be better //
//how about this?//


Kouhei: "But, why would he say something like love at first sight?"


Erika: "Probably because he thought it would be funny."


Erika: "He's always like that."


Erika: "Anyway, thanks for telling me that."


Kouhei: "No problem."


Erika: "Oh, and..."


A broad smile rises on her face.

【瑛 里華】「これ、半分食べて。私、こんなに食べられないから」

Erika: "Eat half of this for me, I can't possibly finish all of it."


She passes her spaghetti to me.


That's quite a generously large amount.


The Iron Chef sure doesn't know the word "mercy".


Kouhei: "Right now?"


Erika: "Yes. Think of it as a punishment for breaking our promise."


Kouhei: "..."


I put some of it in my mouth.


It tastes brilliant.


I take another bite.


And another...






Erika: "As expected from a guy."


The vice president nods in satisfaction as I finish my half.


Erika: "Thanks."


She turns to leave.


Kouhei: "Vice president, the fork."


Erika: "Huh?"


The fork I was using is still on the plate.


Erika: "Ah."


Erika: "If you didn't say anything, I probably wouldn't notice as well. Too bad, huh?"


Kouhei: "I wouldn't get excited over something like that."
// indirect kiss reference? //


Erika: "Oh, really?"


Erika: "Well, see you."


She winks at me and returns to the crowd.
//prev ver: With a wink that seemed as though it had given off stars, the vice president returns to the crowd of people.; Frankly, this looks messy. --Frank//


Tsukasa: "Oh, so it's over?"


Tsukasa comes to see me.


Kouhei: "You were watching? It wasn't something interesting."


Tsukasa: "Yes, it was."
//prev ver: Nah, it was.//
//beware the difference between Japanese and English here, everyone.//


Tsukasa: "You had been saying you'd apologize, but I didn't think you would actually do it."


Kouhei: "There's no reason not to apologize."


Tsukasa: "If I were you, I wouldn't have done it. You're the victim no matter how you look at it."


Kouhei: "Whatever the situation is, a guy should apologize if he sees a girl naked."


Tsukasa: "Hmm?"


Kouhei: "You might think I'm pathetic, but I don't mind."


Tsukasa: "No. I just have a better opinion of you."


Kouhei: "What? Then how did you think of me before?"


Tsukasa: "Someone who's being fooled around by everyone."


Kouhei: "...I don't deny it."


It's the fact that everyone else is so terrible.


Tsukasa: "Anyway, it's good that you don't fuss over it."


Tsukasa: "That's the kind of person you can hang around with for a long time."


Kouhei: "I guess so."


Smirking, Tsukasa heads for the exit.


Kouhei: "Tsukasa, there's still some time before this ends you know."


Tsukasa: "Our dorm leader will scold me if I scare any of the freshmen off."


He waves goodbye at me.


Kouhei: "..."


I haven't heard of anything called a man's intuition...


But somehow I feel I can get along with Tsukasa well.

//Switch POV to the lounge//


Iori: "Good job at the welcome party."


Erika: "Mostly thanks to our dorm leader. If you want to praise anyone then praise her."


Iori: "You mean big sister Yuuki?"


Iori: "She was doing well, wasn't she?"


Erika: "I guess so."
//script trouble here --Frank//

【伊 織】「つれない返事。まだ根に持ってるの?」

Iori: "What a cold reply. You're still holding a grudge against me?"


Erika: "Nothing in particular."


Erika: "So, sneaking up on me like this, what do you want?"


Iori: "Nothing in particular."

【瑛里 華】「それじゃこれで」

Erika: "If that's the case, bye."

【伊 織】「おいおいおいおい」

Iori: "Wait, wait, wait."


Erika: "What now?"


Iori: "Well, you did have a good chat with him."


Erika: "You were eavesdropping on us after all."


Iori: "No, I wasn't."


Iori: "So, what were you talking about?"

【瑛 里華】「兄さんが撒いた火種を消してただけよ」

Erika: "Just extinguishing the fires you've been spreading around."


Iori: "Which fires?"

【瑛里華】「1、お風呂 2、一目惚れ」

Erika: "One, the bath, two, the love at first sight."


Iori: "What a waste..."


Iori: "He said something like 'I feel that the vice president has been avoiding me lately,' so I just gave him a likely reason."


Erika: "Enough with your pranks. I'm so used to them I'm not surprised I wasn't even shocked."
//is this translation accurate enough? --Frank//


Iori: "How dull... no, I mean, good for you."


Erika: "This is the end of it, you hear me?"


Iori: "You're going to just ignore a fateful encounter like this?"


Erika: "It has nothing to do with fate or whatever."


Erika: "I will not tolerate anymore than this."


Iori: "Yes, ma'am."

//Switch POV back to Kouhei//


After taking a bath, I return to my room.


For some reason the teacups are all set up.


Kouhei: "Who's there?"


Kanade: "It's me."


You said it a bit too proudly for a person who broke into someone's room.


Kanade: "I've prepared everything for the tea party."


Haruna: "Ah, Kouhei-kun, sorry for coming to your room by ourselves."


Kouhei: "That sensible response always help me maintain my sanity."
//prev ver: A sensible response, which saves my mentality.;//
//i make these lines a little more prosaic. do you like the old version better?//


Kanade: "And I'll always be the one who breaks that sanity."
//prev ver: Me, who will be constantly damaging that mentality.//


Kouhei: "I won't be able to recover then."
//prev ver: Me, who won't be recovering.//


Kanade: "Just kidding. Sorry, sorry."


Kanade-san pats my slumped head.


Kanade: "If you drink some nice tea you'll feel better."


Kouhei: "Is it good?"


Kanade: "Of course!"


Kanade: "Even someone who has been a food critic for 50 years says it's good."


Kouhei: "I'm looking forward to it."


Kanade: "Okay, it's going to be really good!"


Kanade: "It's all up to you, Hina-chan!"


Kouhei: "...I feel like collapsing right now."


Haruna: "Ah, I'm pouring the tea. Please don't make the room dust."


Kouhei: "Are you two a pair of comedy duo!?"
// Not what this says but it sort of works //
//this might be more accurate//


They attack me wave by wave as they prepare the tea party.


Though this place has become a gathering spot...


Isn't it common sense to ask someone before letting yourself in his room?
//prev ver: It's just weird that they would enter when the owner of the room isn't there.//


Kouhei: "Hey, you two. Could you listen to me for a second?"


Tsukasa: "You here, Kouhei?"


Tsukasa enters, with the timing that could be seen as something planned.


Kouhei: "You've come at the right time, listen to me, Tsukasa..."


Tsukasa: "What?"


Kanade: "What is it?"


Haruna: "I'm listening."


I clear my throat.


Kouhei: "Isn't it weird to come and set up a tea party even though the room's owner isn't here?"


Tsukasa: "Is that what you're doing? A tea party?"

【かなで】「そう! おいしいお茶を飲むの」

Kanade: "Yeah! We'll drink delicious tea!"


Haruna: "There are some snacks as well."


Haruna: "Here."


She takes out some small fried pastries resembling cookies or scones.


Tsukasa: "Let's see..."


He takes one.


Kouhei: "Hey, listen to me!"


Tsukasa: "This is good."


Kanade: "Right~?"


Kouhei: "And why is Kanade-san the one being proud?"


Haruna: "Ehehe..."


Haruna smiles as she's being praised.


Tsukasa drains his cup and faces me with an unusually serious look.


Tsukasa: "Hey, Kouhei."


Kouhei: "Huh?"


Tsukasa: "There are these snacks..."


Tsukasa: "And this tea..."


Tsukasa: "Can I also bring my own mug?"

【孝平】「話が飛んだ! 今!」

Kouhei: "How did the conversation end up like this!?"

【か なで】「参加者は大歓迎」

Kanade: "Newcomers are always welcome."


Haruna: "We'll also bring our own cups."


Kouhei: "Stop furthering that topic!"


Tsukasa: "Kouhei."


Tsukasa: "You should be a bit more easygoing."


Kanade: "Yeah, you're a guy after all."


Kanade: "With a big heart!"


Kanade: "And also a big room!"


Haruna: "And you also just moved in."


Kouhei: "Is that even a reason!?"


I find myself being cornered three to one.


Kanade: "Cheers!"


Everyone is trying out various types of tea while grabbing the sweets.


Kanade: "By the way, you."


Tsukasa: "Me?"


Kanade: "What's your name?"


Tsukasa: "Hachimandaira Tsukasa."


Kanade: "Hachima?"


Tsukasa: "Hachimandaira Tsukasa."
//he isn't that slow to use hyphen in his name. --Frank//


Kanade: "How do you write it?"


Tsukasa: "If you really want to know..."


Tsukasa: "Kouhei, do you have something I can use to write?"
//yeah it's literal, but this is to avoid repetition. --Frank//


Kouhei: "Here."


I pass him a pen and a piece of paper.




Kanade: "Hachimandaira... I've heard that somewhere before..."


Kouhei: "What's wrong?"


Kanade: "Ah, nothing. But that's quite a rare name."


Tsukasa: "It's too long, so just call me Tsukasa."


Kanade: "Got it, Heiji."


Tsukasa: "You didn't get it."


Kouhei: "Yeah, Heiji."


Tsukasa: "Not you too."

【孝 平】「さっき、俺の話を聞いてくれなかっただろ」

Kouhei: "Well you didn't listen to what I was saying before."


Tsukasa: "But this is an important matter."


Kouhei: "What, so my problem isn't important?"


Kanade: "While you two are bickering, I've decided to call you Heiji."


Tsukasa: "Whatever."


He gave up.


Kouhei: "You should show a bit more resistance."


Tsukasa: "Nah, I would resist against you, but against our dorm leader it's useless."


Tsukasa: "She is someone who calls Sister Maru-chan, after all.


Kouhei: "True."


Kanade: "I also call Aonori 'Noripii'."


Haruna: "It's not really something to be proud of, onee-chan."


Kouhei: "Who's Aonori?"


Haruna: "Aoto-sensei."


Tsukasa: "His full name is Aoto Masanori."


Kouhei: "I see."


I give a nod of acknowledgement, but Kanade-san has her arms crossed, pondering about something.

【かな で】「むむ……? はちまんだいら……?」

Kanade: "Hmm... Hachimandaira...?"


Kouhei: "Kanade-san?"

【かなで】「あああーーっ! あの八幡平かーっ!」

Kanade: "Ahhhh!! You're that Hachimandaira!"


Haruna: "We ate the hot pot together, remember?"


Kanade: "Really?"

【孝平】「なに? どういうこと?」

Kouhei: "What's wrong?"


Kanade: "I couldn't quite put the face and the name together, but I finally remember."


Kanade: "He's a villain!"


Kanade-san points at his face and declares.


Tsukasa: "What do you mean?"


Kanade: "You're the habitual criminal of sleeping during class."




Kanade: "But that's merely a disguise! Heiji's true occupation is running a black market!"
//lit., so dark(black) that it'll make crying baby stop//


Kouhei: "Black market?"


Kanade: "He's allowed to go out during weekdays, so he buys things from the city and sell them here for high prices!"
//the old version is too wordy. this version is still a little wordy too imo. --Frank//


Kouhei: "Not being able to go out on weekdays... what kind of prison is that?"


Kanade: "Here... Hakuhou Prison."


Kouhei: "That's right. I haven't heard of anyone going out during weekdays."


Haruna: "You can't go out unless you write your reason and have the dorm supervisor sign it for you."


Kouhei: "Really?"


Kanade: "Didn't you read the dorm guidelines, Kouhei?"


Kouhei: "Um, so Tsukasa is shopping for people?"


Kanade: "Look at me."




She stuck a morality seal on my forehead.


Kouhei: "So how did you get the permission to go out?"


Tsukasa: "Part-time job. Money issues in my family."


Kouhei: "Ah..."


So that's where he goes after school.


Haruna: "What kind of part-time job?"


Tsukasa: "A sushi shop."


Kouhei: "They hire people like you?"


Tsukasa: "I'm only doing delivery."


Kanade: "Hmm? What do you use to deliver sushi?"


Tsukasa: "Bicycle."


Kanade: "Heh, nicely evaded."


Kouhei: "Please stop scrounging crimes off people."


Kanade: "Anyway, Heiji here is a supervillain."

【孝平】「司が犯人だってばれてるんだろ? 闇でもなんでもないじゃん」

Kouhei: "But everyone knows what he's doing, right? Not like he's doing it secretly."


Tsukasa: "As long as I'm not caught red-handed, I'm safe."


Kanade: "...So we only have circumstantial evidence."


Kanade: "The shock the last dorm leader got when she couldn't catch you red-handed made her..."


Kouhei: "..."


Kanade: "...graduate!!"


Kouhei: "That's normal."


Kanade: "By the way, now that I'm the dorm leader I won't let you have your own way."


Tsukasa: "Do what you want. I'll do what I want too."


Kanade: "Why you!"


It couldn't get more noisy.


Tsukasa: "Here, eat this."


He takes something out of a plastic bag.


Kanade: "Plum konbucha chips!?"
//footnote: konbucha --Frank//


Haruna: "That's a new flavor, right?"


Kanade: "Let's see..."


Kanade: "It's delicious!"


Kanade-san sampled some of them.


Kouhei: "This is one of the black market goods?"


Tsukasa: "Of course."


Kanade: "Guh..."


Kanade: "There's no punishment for food!"


She quickly ditches her principles.

【かな で】「こんど、アボカドスカッシュを買ってきてくれたら今までの罪を許そう、うん」

Kanade: "If you buy me avocado squash chips next time I'll forgive you for everything."


And so the two supervillains ally with each other.


Haruna: "If you buy me ramen made by Ikkakudou, I'll forget about everything I hear today."
//footnote: ramen --Frank//


Kouhei: "The monthly issue of Business Sunday for me."


Tsukasa: "Is it just me or are you guys so evil?"


Kouhei: "It's just you. It's just you."


Tsukasa: "I give up. I'll bring some tea cakes next time."


Kanade: "Yay!"


The corrupted cop just leeched off her criminal partner.


After a while, they decide to leave.


Kanade: "See you tomorrow!"


Haruna: "Good night."


Tsukasa: "Thanks for today."




It's about time they turn off the lights.


Up to now, I haven't really hung out with friends until late hours.


Not only that, my room has become the place for it.


It's a strange feeling.


Which reminds me...


Kanade-san and Haruna had been in my room before I unlocked the door.


How did they actually get in?