'''//April 15//'''






//smack SFX//


I feel for my alarm clock and turn it off.


It's morning.


The morning is the same as always, and my room is the same as always...


Kouhei: "......That wasn't a dream, right?"


The only thing that isn't the same as always... is me.


It's just like the adventure stories I read when I was a kid.


It's as though I've been removed from the normal world, cast into an unrealistic author's setting.


While feeling nervous more than usual, I slowly put on my uniform.
//lit., heart throbs violently//


The President and Vice President of the student council are vampires.


And now I've become a member of the student council.


How should I treat them from now on?


For the time being, I shouldn't be too aware of that and just act calm...


Erika: "Morning."


Kouhei: "Whoa!"


Erika: "What's with that reaction?"


She looks at me with disgruntled eyes.


Kouhei: "Everyone would be surprised if you appear all of a sudden like that."


Erika: "I only gave you a normal greeting."


Erika: "It's morning, so don't be spacing out."


Erika: "Come on, straighten up!"


She hits me on the back.



Erika: "Here, puff out your chest with pride. After all, we are also the main characters of this play!"

//flashback ends//


I remember how she hit me on the back yesterday.


I stand straight.


Kouhei: "Is this good?"


Erika: "More."


I straighten up more.


Kouhei: "H-How about this?"


Erika: "More upright."


This reminds me of the story "The Frog and the Ox".
//it is an Aesop's fable. google for more info//


In the end, the frog swelled himself too much and exploded.


Kouhei: "H- how is this?"


Erika: "Raise your voice more."


Kouhei: "Any more of this and I'll explode."


Erika: "What kind of body do you have?"


Erika: "Now complete that with your face."


Kouhei: "My face?"


Erika: "Give me a refreshing smile."


Kouhei: "I can't just..."


Erika: "It's easy."


Erika: "See?"
//she gives him a smile here//


Looking straight at me, she gives me her smile.


I try to imitate that radiant smile.

【孝 平】「こうか?」

Kouhei: "Like this?"

【瑛里 華】「うん、そのほうが魅力的よ」

Erika: "Yeah. Terrific."


I'm not sure what to make of that sudden praise.


Erika: "What's wrong?"


Kouhei: "It's nothing."


She looks into my face.


Her cheerful expression now is totally different from when she was about to erase my memories yesterday.


Kouhei: "Ah, that's right."


Erika: "What is it?"


Kouhei: "Thanks for the welcoming party yesterday."


Erika: "No, it was nothing. I'm sorry it wasn't better."


Kouhei: "That much excitement was quite enough."


I got to eat the Iron Chef's food in the cafeteria while we played games and such.


Erika: "If you're fine with it then I'm glad."
//lit., think of it like that// //If that's how you feel//


As she says that, her hair dances in the spring breeze.


Erika: "Ah, that's right."


Erika: "Hasekura-kun, are you free after school?"


Kouhei: "I am. Why?"


Erika: "I assume you have things you'd like to ask, right?"


Kouhei: "Things I'd like to ask?"


The vice president draws her face close to my ear.


Erika: "About vampires..."


She says in a very low voice.


About vampires...


Of course there are things I want to ask.


Kouhei: "You'll tell me about it?"

【瑛 里華】「そういうこと」

Erika: "That's right."


Erika: "So after school, come to the Prefect's building, okay?"


Kouehi: "O-Okay."


Erika: "I'll be waiting for you. Later."


Her skirt flutters as she briskly walks away.


I look forward to the end of class, but I'm just a little nervous.

//cut to after school//


After school, I come to the Prefect's building as told.


I take a quick deep breath and open the door.
//small and deep don't go together//

【孝 平】「失礼します」

Kouhei: "Excuse me."


Iori: "Hi. We've been expecting you."


Erika: "Huh?"


She looks at me and tilts her head.


Erika: "Could it be that you're a little nervous?"


Kouhei: "I don't know..."


Erika: "It's not gonna be a serious conversation, so just relax."


Erika: "Here."


She pulls out a chair for me.

【孝 平】「東儀先輩と白ちゃんは?」

Kouhei: "Where are Tougi-senpai and Shiro-chan?"


Erika: "Those two are out."


They're not here?


I wonder if Shiro-chan isn't supposed to hear about this vampire stuff.


Erika: "Wait a moment, I'll make you some tea."


She smiles at me and leaves for the next room.


Now it's just me and President.


Iori: "My little sister is a bit nervous too."


Kouhei: "Why would she be?"


Iori: "Because you're too tense, Hasekura-kun."


Iori: "Erika is thinking that you're afraid of vampires."


Iori: "She worries that if you talk about this, you'll draw away from her."


Kouhei: "I won't draw away."


Iori: "But just to hear that we'll talk about vampires makes you nervous right?"

【孝平】 「別に、それが理由じゃありませんよ」

Kouhei: "Not really. That's not the reason."


I said that without confidence.


But I don't want to make Vice President worry.


Kouhei: "I think any ordinary students who come here would be nervous."


Iori: "I see."


Kouhei: "This room has a historic ambiance and a unique atmosphere."


Iori: "It certainly has a heavy presence that takes time to get used to, doesn't it?"

【伊 織】「いっそ壁紙を、猫柄にでも変えてみようか」

Iori: "Perhaps we should put on the wallpaper with a kitty pattern or something..."


Erika: "Don't say things like that."


Erika: "Because I agree with you."
//Lit: I don't want to approve it (because I would)//


Kouhei: "Shouldn't you give a strong denial for that."


Erika: "But I'm a girl after all, I have a weak spot for cute things."


She sets the tea down in front of me with a mischievous smile.


Kouhei: "Thanks."

【伊織】 「じゃ、支倉君の瞳に乾杯」

Iori: "Well then, let us drink for Hasekura-kun."
//lit., drink to Kouhei's eyes//


He brings the wine glass to his lips with a big smile, .


A thick red liquid swirls around inside that glass.


A vampire... drinking red liquid.


Kouhei: "What is that?"


Iori: "What do you think?"


The president looks into my eyes and asks.
//I mean, he replies with a question//


Kouhei: "Blood?"


Iori: "It's acerola juice, with pulp."


My forehead hits the table with all the might.


Kouhei: "Don't do things that misleads people!"
//lit., don't drink ambiguous thing//


Iori: "I lied I lied. It's blood."


Kouhei: "Don't casually say that!"


Iori: "But, you want to ask about vampires, right?"


Kouhei: "Well, yeah."


Iori: "Consider it a service, I thought you might like to see me drinking blood."
//this captures the meaning, but it sure is long//


Erika: "You haven't done a service to anyone."


Erika: "Well then, I guess we should begin."


Iori: "Feel free to ask anything."


Kouhei: "Really?"


Erika: "If it helps you understand us better we're happy to."

【孝平】 「じゃあ、聞くけど」

Kouhei: "Okay then, I'll ask..."


My heart is beating fast.


I suppose no one has ever asked ask about the truth behind vampires from the vampires themselves before.


Kouhei: "What kind of being is a vampire?"


Erika: "That's a pretty vague question."


Kouhei: "There are just too many things I'd like to ask."


Erika: "Well then, why don't I explain about vampires in general? Then you can ask about anything that bothers you."


Kouhei: "Yeah."


Erika: "First of all, a vampire has enhanced physical ability."


Iori: "Thus Erika is a C-cup."

【瑛 里華】「関係ないでしょーっ!」

Erika: "That has nothing to do with this!"


(hitting SFX)


Iori: "Guh!"


The president flies through the air into the wall.


Iori: "As you can see, we can both throw and be thrown much harder than a normal person."
//pls TLC this line// //Looks fine to me//


Erika: "What's with that cool explanation?"


Iori: "I thought that Hasekura-kun would be glad if we demonstrated it."


Kouhei: "Um... well... ah..."


Erika: "And why are you blushing, Hasekura-kun? Forget everything just now. Just forget it."


Kouhei: "Ah... yeah..."


Erika: "Come on, let's continue."


Still blushing, she raises her index finger as she continues her explanation.


Erika: "Our bodies are more durable, and we can recover from wounds very quickly."

【瑛里華】「大怪我はしたことがないからよくわからないけど、小さな怪我なら一分位で完治する わ」

Erika: "I don't really know about serious injuries because I've never had one, but a smaller wound would be healed in a minute."


Kouhei: "That's convenient."

【瑛 里華】「まあね。病気もないし、寿命もないし」

Erika: "It's not bad. We don't get sick, and we don't age."

【孝 平】「寿命がない?」

Kouhei: "You don't age?"

【瑛 里華】「寿命では死なないってこと。不死なわけじゃないわ」

Erika: "We don't die from aging. But we're not immortal."


Kouhei: "So you were born back in the BC era?"


Erika: "How rude. I'm as old as you."


Iori: "If I was human, I would set a new record for the oldest person."


Kouhei: "I... see."


The Vice President doesn't say anything, so I suppose that's true.


Erika: "Up to this point, do you have any questions?"


Kouhei: "Do you have any other special abilities?"


Erika: "Just erasing memories."


For a moment, her expression is clouded.


Erika: "Anything else?"


Kouhei: "Well, you eat food everyday."


Kouhei: "And yet you still have to drink blood?"


Erika: "Do you want to know if we need both to have enough nutrition to survive?"


Kouhei: "To put it simply, yes."

【瑛 里華】「なら、答えはノーね」

Erika: "The answer is no."


Erika: "We don't need normal diet. Just blood is enough."

【孝平】「それなら、なんでわざわざ食べるん だ?」

Kouhei: "Then why do you bother to eat?"


Iori: "Because vampires still have a sense of taste, and we also take pleasure in eating."

【伊織】「それにまったく食べなければ、周り に変だと思われるだろ?」

Iori: "And if we don't eat, don't you think it would be strange?"


Kouhei: "I see."


Kouhei: "Your like for food is just a disguise, and blood is what you actually need for nutrition?"


Erika: "I don't know if we really get any nutrition out of it."


Kouhei: "Eh? Why?"


Erika: "I have no idea."


Erika: "No one has ever made a research on vampires before."


Kouhei: "Then, why don't go get examined at a hospital?"

【瑛里華】「調べられて、異常だとわかって、 それからどうなると思う?」

Erika: "If they examine me and realize it's a disorder, what do you think will happen?"


Kouhei: "Maybe it's just a new kind of illness, and they'll do something to treat you......"


Erika: "It would be good if they just stopped at prescribing every single drug out there, or bombarding us with radiation."


Erika: "If they decide we're a totally different lifeform, just treating us won't end."


Iori: "In addition, we'd become the talk of the town and appear in the headline."
//lit., a gossip in the mass media, being famous//


Iori: "As an unidentified lifeform."


Iori: "I'll have to decline to be an attraction or a test subject. I'm not curious enough to take that risk."
//lit., want to study enough//


Kouhei: "In other words, you don't know anything more, and there's no way to know more."


Erika: "That's right."

【瑛 里華】「わかるのは自分で経験してきたことだけ」

Erika: "All I know is from my own experience."


Erika: "I don't understand why I want to drink blood from the beginning."


Kouhei: "What does it feel like?"


Erika: "I feel like I'm thirsty... I suppose."


Erika: "That's the closest feeling to the desire for blood."


Kouhei: "What happens to the people who you drink from?"


Erika: "Just drinking someone's blood won't turn them into vampires."


Iori: "That's right. That's why Erika shouldn't mind drinking blood too."


Erika: "That's not what we're talking about right now."


Iori: "How disappointing. Anyone but her thinks that warm blood tastes better."


He empties his glass and set it down on the table.


Iori: "This year's vintage is mellow, with a very profound fragrance."
//idk how and why it was translated like this. :P but he talks about the blood and i suppose he try to sound poetic. TLC pls//


Erika: "What are you saying?"

【孝 平】「それって、本当に血なんですか」

Kouhei: "So... that's really blood?"


Iori: "That's right."


He says calmly.


Kouhei: "Whose blood is it?"


Iori: "I have no idea."


Kouhei: "How can that happen?"


Erika: "It's true."


Erika: "What Nii-san was drinking is blood donated for transfusion."


Kouhei: "You can drink blood or transfusion?"


Erika: "Yes. We don't need to attack people like some sort of horror film."


Kouhei: "Then, why was the President drinking blood from that girl?"


Iori: "If I feel like it, I'll do it. I'm different from Erika, in that I don't have anything against blood."


Erika: "I can't understand that sentiment."


Erika: "But mainly, drinking blood from a person's neck isn't elegant anymore."


Erika: "Blood packs are good enough for me."

常識でしょ? みたいな表情で言う。

Her expression says, "Isn't that common sense?"


Kouhei: "If it's not elegant, why does President still do that?"


Iori: "We all have our own value systems."


Iori: "But even I only drink from people a few times a year."


He casually shrugs.
//TLC pls//


Kouhei: "So most of the time you just drink blood meant for transfusions?"
//lit., the rest is blood transfusion?//


Iori: "Yeah."


Erika: "We don't know what will happen to us if we don't drink blood several times a month."


She looked a little grim when she said that.


Erika: "Anything else you want to ask?"

【孝平】「なんか弱点とかあるのか? にんにくとか十字架とか」

Kouhei: "Do you have any kind of weakness? Like garlic or crosses?"


Erika: "Not anything that you've seen from vampires in movies."


Iori: "Hot food and drink."
//cat''s tongue//''


Erika: "......"


Kouhei: "Is that the same for you too, President?"


Erika: "What do you mean by "too"?"
//she's angry that he assumes she has a cat's tongue (which is true). i want to clarify this to the readers more. could we rephrase?//


Iori: "Nope. Just Erika."


I wasn't asking about personal weak points.


Erika: "Shut up for a minute, nii-san."


Erika: "If anything, it's the need to drink blood."


Erika: "We especially need that when we're tired."


Kouhei: "For example, things like normal exercise?"


Erika: "After we're tired from working out, or even after we're playing around."


Kouhei: "Sounds serious."

【瑛里華】 「どうしようもないことよ」

Erika: "It can't be helped."


Kouhei: "Does it have to be blood?"


Erika: "We've tried many things out, but only blood works."


Iori: "Like what she said. A vampire can't live without blood. It's a frail being."


Kouhei: "You don't look frail at all."


Rather, they're powerful.


Iori: "Yes. We're weak."


Iori: "Our numbers are few, and our preys are our natural enemies."


Kouhei: "Human beings are your natural enemies?"


Iori: "That's right. Though I have enhanced physical ability, if a hundred humans surround me I can be brought down."

【伊織】「さっきの病院の話もそうだけど、 バレた時の人間の対応だけは、映画や伝説と似ているんじゃないかな」

Iori: "It's the same as what we talked about the hospital before. If we're discovered they'll want to compare us with the movies or folklore."


Iori: "We don't die by aging, but we're not immortal."


Erika: "Is there anything else you want to know about?"




I feel like I've asked about a lot things.


Kouhei: "Nothing that I can think of right now."


Erika: "If you can think of anything else, feel free to ask."


Erika: "If we don't understand each other thoroughly we won't work well together."
//Yes it's different but the previous text didn't sound right//


Kouhei: "Yeah. I'll ask next time when Shiro-chan isn't around."

【瑛里華】「白? なんで?」

Erika: "Shiro? Why?"




Kouhei: "Eh? Could it be that Shiro-chan knows about this?"


This vampire stuff.

【瑛里華】「知ってるわよ。東儀家の人間だ し」

Erika: "She knows. She's from Tougi family."


Kouhei: "Does everyone from Tougi family know?"


Erika: "That's right. We've known each other for a long time."


Iori: "But we want to become good friends with you too, Hasekura-kun."


Iori: "What do you say?"


The president's expression is full of his usual composure.


Next to him, the vice president is watching me.


Now that I've heard about vampires, they don't seem scary.


They just need to drink blood to survive, but aren't different than people in any other way.

【孝平】 「もちろん俺は構いませんよ、というか、よろしくお願いします」

Kouhei: "Of course I don't mind. Or should I say, pleased to meet you."
//Or: Of course I don't mind, actually, I'm looking forward to our friendship - or something like that, "pleased to meet you" at this point feels odd//


Iori: "Good to hear that."


He looks at me with a full smile.

【瑛 里華】「こちらこそ、よろしくね」

Erika: "Pleased to meet you too."


She sounds pretty relieved.

【伊織】 「さてと」

Iori: "Well then."


He stands up.


Iori: "It's about time. Let's leave for today."


Before I know it, the light that comes through the window has become orange.

//cut to outside//


Iori: "The path home, bathed in the rays of the setting sun... that sort of thing really calms your heart doesn't it?"


Says the vampire gazing at the setting sun.


Kouhei: "It is impressive, isn't it."

【伊織】「こういう道は男女二人で歩くに限る よ」

Iori: "A path like this should be reserved only for a couple walking hand in hand."
//I don't feel like I need to cut "hand in hand"//


Kouhei: "Is that so?"


Iori: "Well, I suppose a cute girl walking alone would be okay too."


Kouhei: "Why is that?"


Iori: "They're easy to catch."
//what about "to catch?"// //agreed//


Kouhei: "Give me a stake, someone!"


Erika: "I'll prepare it next time."


Iori: "Don't take too much pleasure in murder."


Erika: "It's the hammer of justice."


Kouhei: "Speaking of which, would you be okay with the stake?"


Erika: "I wonder if we'll die after getting staked through the heart..."


Erika: "This really isn't a conversation for such a lovely evening."


Kouhei: "That's true."


It's clearly too violent.


Kouhei: "Well, what should we talk about?"


Iori: "How about your impression of us?"


Kouhei: "Well, you're totally different from anything in the books or movies."


Erika: "That's right."


Erika: "I'm glad I'm not that sort of a stereotypical being."


Kouhei: "Why?"


Erika: "Because, that would mean I couldn't see such a beautiful scene and walk in it, right?"


She smiles brightly with the evening sun behind her.
//lit., on her back//

Somehow the lighting makes her appear just a little lonely.

'''//April 16//'''


Aoto: "First, we boil the water."
//lit., prepare boiled water//


Aoto: "Then you turn off the flame and put the magnesium ribbon in."


Actually, I forgot to ask President earlier.


If I'm not a vampire, why did he choose me to be a student council member?


When I go there today, I'll ask.

【青砥】 「すると支倉、どうなると思う」

Aoto: "Well, Hasekura, what do you think will happen?"


Kouhei: "Huh?"


I stand up at once.


Crap, I wasn't listening.


Somebody, help me.

【司】 「Zzz」

Tsukasa: "Zzz."


I immediately regret turning to the least helpful person on earth.


Haruna: "Pst......"


That was Haruna's voice.


She casually turns her notebook so I can read it.


"The magnesium ribbon will burn when it's put in boiled?"


That's what she wrote.


Kouhei: "It will burn."


Aoto: "That's right."


Though I answer it right, I feel bad about it.


I thank her with my eyes and sit back down.


She smiles back at me.

//cut to after school//


Tsukasa: "......Oh, it's ended?"


He gets up with a sleepy look.


Kouhei: "You have a mark on your face from sleeping on the desk."


Tsukasa: "Mmm?"


He lazily rubs his cheek with his hands.


Kouhei: "On your forehead."


Tsukasa: "Oh, there?"


Haruna: "Kouhei-kun."


Haruna turns here after she finishes putting her textbook into her bag.


Kouhei: "Hmm?"


Haruna: "Is something wrong?"


Uh oh.
//twitch SFX//


Is it about the vampires?


Kouhei: "Why?"

【陽菜】「授業中、 ずっと考え事してたみたいだったから」

Haruna: "You were thinking really hard during class."


Ah, she's just worried about me.


Tsukasa: "Have something you're worrying about?"


Kouhei: "No, not really."


Haruna: "I see."


Kouhei: "By the way, thanks for helping me earlier."


Haruna: "It's no big deal."

陽菜が小さく首を振 り、柔らかい髪が揺れた。

Her soft hair sways as she shakes her head.


Haruna: "Well then I'm going to the committee."


Kouhei: "The Beautification Committee?"

【陽菜】「うん、今日は清掃活動があるか ら」

Haruna: "Yeah, there's cleaning activity today."


Kouhei: "I see. Do your best."


Haruna: "I'll try harder than usual."


She clasps her hands in front of her body.


Tsukasa: "I'll be going too then."


Kouhei: "Job?"


Tsukasa: "Yeah, along with the smuggling."


Kouhei: "I see. Good luck."


Tsukasa: "Yeah."

軽く手を振り、別々に出て行く二人を見送っ た。

I wave lightly to send both of them off.


I also have to hurry and get to the Prefect's building.

//cut to student council//


The door's not locked. I can go right in.


I open the door and see President and Vice President sitting across from each other at the table.
//chic table?// //"around the table" is awkward with only two ppl//


Tougi-sempai is sitting in the corner in front of a computer.


I can't find Shiro-chan anywhere.


Maybe she's still with Laurel Ring?

【孝 平】「どうも」

Kouhei: "Hi."

【瑛里 華】「いいわね、自然な感じよ」

Erika: "Excellent, your smile is becoming more natural too."
//lit., natural feeling//


She stands up and walks toward me.
//I don't think adding "uncross her legs" is good for the flow.//


Kouhei: "How was it?"


Erika: "60 points."


Kouhei: "That's kinda low."


Erika: "Because it's not bright enough."
//refer to his smile in the next few lines//


Erika: "I told you the other day."


Kouhei: "What isn't?"


Why does she suddenly smile?
//to show him that she means his smile//


And she doesn't say anything.


Kouhei: "What are you doing all of a sudden?"


Erika: "Geez. Here, here."

副会長が人差し指で 俺の頬に触れる。

She pokes my cheek with her finger.


Kouhei: "Ah, smile?"


Erika: "That's right."


She smiles with satisfaction and nods.


Iori: "Thanks to Hasekura-kun and Shiro-chan, the student council has become more lively."
//I think student council is better than Prefect's building//

【孝平】 「そうなんですか?」

Kouhei: "Really?"


Iori: "Not that it was gloomy, but there were only 3 people here."


Iori: "Now with two new people we can move toward a better student council."
//戦力 = war potential//


The president nods with satisfaction as well.


Kouhei: "Um, there is something I want to ask."


Iori: "About vampires?"


Kouhei: "No, I want to ask why you chose me."


Kouhei: "You said you'd tell me if I joined, right?"


Iori: "Ah, that."


Erika: "I want to ask that as well."


Iori: "Because Hasekura-kun's strength is necessary."


Kouhei: "Could you make it clearer?"


Iori: "Support for Erika."


Kouhei: "Can't anyone do that though?"


Iori: "No, you're more suited for it."

【伊 織】「サポートって言うのはね、俺と征みたいな関係になるってことだから」

Iori: "When I say support, it's like Sei and I's relationship."


Kouhei: "What kind of relationship?"


Iori: "A unity of body and mind."


Seiichirou: "No."


An absolute denial comes across the room.


Iori: "...The kind of relationship that can quickly exchange retorts like this."
//pls TLC// //looks good//


Kouhei: "I see."


Iori: "If we aren't in tune with each other, we can't support each other."


Kouhei: "The vice President is in tune with me?"


Iori: "That's what I see."


Iori: "You're already at the point where you've seen each other naked."


Erika: "Wha!"


I recall the incident in the bath.


Her nice proportion body rise to the surface of my thought.
//lit., brain's canvas//


Hooray to my memory!






(shake SFX)


I return from my fantasy when somebody shakes my shoulders.
//lit., journey to my brain//


Erika: "Hasekura-kun, why are you spacing out!?"
//lit., look in distance//


Erika: "You remembered it just now, didn't you?"


Kouhei: "Ah, no, the memory's gone. I've forgotten it."


Erika: "Really..."


Erika: "Even I can't forget it."
//pls TLC//


She blushes and lets go of me.


Erika: "I want you to completely forget everything you saw then."


Iori: "Without erasing his memory, it's not that easy to forget."


Iori: "That's been firmly recorded in the videotape of Hasekura-kun's heart."


Erika: "Is that true?"

【孝平】 「いやまあ、あながち的外れでもないというか不本意ながら大正解と言うか」

Kouhei: "Well, that's not exactly completely inaccurate but it is more accurate than I'd like to admit."


Erika: "Umm..."


Erika: "Then erase that part, erase it!"


Kouhei: "What if the write protection tab has been pushed in?"


Erika: "Then cover it with tape!"


Erika: "Understand?"


She looks at me at point-blank range.




Erika: "......Mmm."


She blushes again and looks away.


Kouhei: "What's wrong?"


Erika: "Nothing."

【瑛里華】 「……覚えててもいいけど、口には出さないこと」

Erika: "Remembering is fine, just don't talk about it."


...she says without looking directly at me.


Her cheeks are still red.


Kouhei: "G-Got it."


I can't look straight at her, so I drop my gaze to the desk.

【伊織】「いいコンビになると思うんだけどね え」

Iori: "I think you'll make a good combination."


Erika: "No. It's even more difficult with that kind of thing!"


Iori: "Oh, so Erika would be alright with just anybody?"


Erika: "That's...."


She thinks about it a little.


Erika: "I think a sincere person like Hasekura-kun would be easy to work with."


Kouhei: "I'm sincere?"


Erika: "Even though you were set up by my brother, you still came to apologize."

【孝平】 「あれは、当然だろ」

Kouhei: "It's natural to do that."


Erika: "You're sincere because you think it's natural to act like that."
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Kouhei: "Is that so?"


Iori: "Then there's no problem, right?"


Iori: "Well then, Hasekura-kun, become Erika's own Seiichirou Tougi!"
//lit., Erika's personal "Seiichirou Tougi-like being"//


He puts his hands on my shoulders and gives me a sparkling smile.


Kouhei: "Ahh..."


Seiichirou: "Don't mind Iori's ambiguous words."


Seiichirou: "If working together is more efficient than working alone then it's okay."


Kouhei: "I see. I kind of understand your reasoning."


Kouhei: "So, what kind of work should I do?"


Erika: "First, I want you to learn how we do our work."
//lit., memorize//


Kouhei: "How?"


Erika: "Learning by doing."


She points her finger right at me.


At the other side of that white finger, her strong-willed eyes shine.


Erika: "We'll give you something that you personally will be responsible for."


Kouhei: "Isn't that a little soon?"
//Isn't this sudden?//


Erika: "Nii-san and Seiichirou are retiring in September, so you have to learn how to do the job by then."


Only four and a half months left.


We have to be able to fill their hole by then.


Erika: "Seiichirou-san, any problem with leaving the sports festival to him?"

【征一郎】 「ないな、時期的にも最適だろう」

Seiichirou: "No, it would be the perfect time too."


Erika: "Then let's do that."


Kouhei: "What will I be doing with the sports festival?"


Erika: "You'll be the leader of sports festival committee."

【孝平】「委員長? 俺が?」

Kouhei: "The leader? Me?"


Erika: "A member of student council does the job every year. We'll leave it to you this year."
//lit., holding two posts (both in student council and the committee)//


She smiles and returns to her seat.


Kouhei: "But, I don't know anything about last year's sports festival."


Iori: "It'll be fine. It'll be fine. Just sign whatever they give you and you'll manage it somehow."
//lit., stamp a seal//

【孝 平】「そんないい加減でいいんですか」

Kouhei: "Is it okay to be that negligent?"

【伊 織】「俺が去年やった時はそんなもんだった」

Iori: "That's what I did last year."


Erika: "Don't listen to nii-san."


Erika: "But there are a lot of reliable people in the sports festival committee, it'll be a suitable first job."


Erika: "If there's anything you don't understand, ask nii-san. I'll back you up if you have any trouble."


Kouhei: "If that's the case I'll manage it somehow."


Seiichirou: "What will you do, Hasekura?"


I'm a bit uneasy about suddenly becoming the chairman of a committee.


And it's only one month until the sports festival.


But it would be a good experience. I'll try it, I guess.


Kouhei: "I'll try my best."


Erika: "If the chairman is that timid the committee members will be concerned."


Erika: "You'll be leading the school through this, be proud and confident!"
//like, behind the scene?// //This works and I believe it's accurate; I read 影から支えて行く on a parenting bbs as relating to supporting a child in school so...//


I give a nod at her appeal.

【孝平】「あ、 ああ」

Kouhei: "Ah, I will."

【瑛里華】 「支倉くん、胸を張っていきましょ」

Erika: "Hasekura-kun, stick out your chest."


She dispels my hesitation in no time.


One day, the time that I become a reliable student council member and stand proudly beside her will come.


Thinking about that, I take my first step as a member of the student council.

【孝平】「わかった。 任せてくれ」

Kouhei: "I understand. Leave it to me."


Erika: "Yeah, exactly like that."


She gives me a full faced smile.

'''//April 17//'''


Kouhei: "Hi."


Haruna: "Ah, welcome."


I put down my yakisoba on the table and sit with her.


Not long after, Tsukasa also comes with his tray.


Tsukasa: "It's lunchtime but not many people are around."


Kouhei: "That's a good thing."


Tsukasa: "It is."


Tsukasa: "What? Yakisoba with no red ginger again?"


...he says with a shocked expression.


Kouhei: "And you only eat pepper steak."
//thanks, wikipedia//


I reply with my own shocked expression.


Haruna: "Hey, you two."


Haruna: "Eating only that everyday will be bad for your health."


Kouhei: "That's true."


I say as I seize a piece of Tsukasa's meat.


He retaliates by snatching some yakisoba.


Tsukasa: "This might be a little more balanced."


Haruna: "More vegetables would be better."


Haruna: "I'll give you some of my salad."


Kanade: "Doing things like giving your precious salad to other people...!"


Kanade: "Hina-chan is the best!"


(hugging SFX)


She clings to Haruna all of a sudden and rubs her cheeks.


Haruna: "O-Oneechan, don't cling to me while I'm eating."


She twists herself around Haruna on the shaking chair.


Kanade: "Yeah, I'm satisfied."


She abruptly releases her.


What did she eat to become this high-spirited?


Kanade: "Then I'll give my salad to my great Hina-chan."


She puts some lettuce from her salad on Haruna's plate.


Haruna: "It's okay, onee-chan."


Kanade: "I don't want you to get sick because you didn't eat enough vegetables."
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Kanade: "Next time I'll give you guys some of my salad."


Kouhei: "Ah, you don't have to do that for us."


Kanade: "Hina-chan and I are worried about you!"


Kouhei: "Mmmmmm!"


She thrusts some lettuce into my mouth.


Haruna: "O-Onee-chan."


Tsukasa: "Taste good?"


Kouhei: "I almost died!"


Kanade: "Want another bite?"


Kouhei: "Don't worry, I'll eat something besides yakisoba sometimes."


Kanade: "Good. In that case I'm relieved."


She strokes my head with her small hands.


Haruna: "I'll make everyone a properly balanced meal once in a while."


Kouhei: "That's certainly a hard work."


First of all, we don't have cooking utensils in our rooms.
//lit., dorm rooms//


And we can't buy most ingredients on campus.


So if we want to make something we have no choice but to mix ready-made things together.


Going out of our way to buy stuff on weekends and making do without proper utensils makes it effort than it's worth.
//do something with utensil?//


Tsukasa: "I can buy the ingredients but I can only carry so much."


Kanade: "Whatever we get has to be nutritious though."


Kanade: "Maybe we'll try hot pot party one day."


Haruna: "That's right."


Kouhei: "It'll be summer soon......"


A hot pot and summer don't mix.
//I don't like using "hot" twice//


Kanade: "Ah."


Kanade: "I forgot that I had something I wanted to ask Kouhei."


Kouhei: "What is it?"


Haruna and Tsukasa look at Kanade-san.


Kanade: "Is it true that you joined student council?"


Kouhei: "Eh? Well, kind of."


Kanade: "Mu..."


Haruna: "Ah, is that so?"


Kouhei: "I was going to tell you , but I forgot."


Haruna: "Maybe that was why you were called."


Tsukasa: "I can't believe Kouhei has become one of the higher-ups."


Kanade: "Gu..."


Kouhei: "What is it?"


Kanade: "Your Onee-chan feels ignored when you decided something without consulting her!"
//lit., feels lonely//


(sticker SFX)

【孝平】「なぜ風紀シール!? 風紀関係ないですよね!?」

Kouhei: "Why the discipline sticker!? This has nothing to do with public moral!?"


Kanade: "Then pull it off."


(tear off SFX)


Kouhei: "It hurts!"


Haruna: "Are you okay?"


Kanade: "Hey, Kouhei, isn't the student council dangerous?"


Kanade-san puts her hands on the table and leans toward me.


She looks at me with serious eyes.


Haruna: "Is that true?"


Kanade: "It's as dangerous as entering atmosphere with just a lid."
//specifically a pot lid; enter atmosphere as the spaceship or meteorite//


Tsukasa: "Sounds extremely dangerous."


Kouhei: "Umm... what exactly are you trying to say......?"


Kanade: "It's a place full of plots and schemes and suspicions and conspiracies and the rest of "that"."
//not really exact but I have to find diffirent words lol//


Kouhei: "What on earth is "that"?"


Kanade: "That's what I want to ask!"


So now I'm at fault!?
//being angry at someone who would normally be angry at you//


Kouhei: "Do you know something about student council?"


Kanade: "No. I just heard "kyupiiin" in my head."
//well this is how I think I should word it; @editor: feel free to edit the sound cuz I don't like it//


Kouhei: "Kyupiiin?"


Kanade: "The sound of my intuition."


Kouhei: "I see."


In other words, she doesn't have particular motive at all.


Tsukasa: "Well, they're certainly not normal."


Haruna: "It might be hard for you, but do your best."


Haruna: "You can come to us any time if you need our help with anything."


Kouhei: "Thanks."


Kanade: "You already joined so it can't be helped. We'll help when you're in trouble."


Kouhei: "Thank you."


Kanade: "Why are you looking away when talking to me?"


Kouhei: "No particular reason."


Kanade: "Anything else you're not telling me?"
//lit., anything else that you keep quiet about?//


Kouhei: "Not that I'm not telling you... I just became the leader of sports festival committee."


Haruna: "The leader!?"


Kanade: "So it comes out at last..."


Haruna: "It's so sudden, but that's amazing."


Kouhei: "I don't know what I should do at all."


Kanade: "You'll be okay. I was the same when I became the dorm supervisor."


Tsukasa: "Well, just giving it your all."


Kouhei: "You may be right."


Haruna: "We'll support you."


Kouhei: "Thank you."
//he says in English//


Everyone's encouragement makes the weight on my shoulders feel lighter.


I didn't realize it then but I had been feeling that pressure earlier.

//cut to student council//


After school.


I head to the Prefect's building like yesterday.


That's right, the vice president told me to smile.




...Like this?


How can I know if I don't have a mirror?


Kouhei: "Hi."


Iori: "Why is your mouth warped like that?"


Iori: "Changing your image to a hard-boiled type?"


Kouhei: "That's rude. I'm just smiling."


Iori: "Certainly at your level you can combo a more effective smile."


Kouhei: "It's not some special attack..."
//as in fighting games lol//


Iori: "No, a smile is a special attack of love."


Iori: "Want me to demonstrate?"


Kouhei: "What will happen if you aim that attack at me?"


Iori: "I'm sure your heart will start beating fast."


Kouhei: "Never mind."
//lit., I better restrain myself//


Erika: "This isn't a situation to have a stupid conversation. It's about time."


Iori: "Oops, that's right."


Iori: "Okay, let's go, Hasekura-kun."


Kouhei: "Where are we going?"


Erika: "The sports festival committee's first meeting."


Kouhei: "Huh?"


Erika: "Go and show them everything you can do!"


She smiles and pushes my back.


Iori: "Then let's go~"
//let's go is in English//


I'm still dumbfounded as he grabs my hand and leads me away.


Iori: "Come on. Hurry up."


Iori: "Everyone is waiting for their leader."


Kouhei: "But I haven't prepared anything. I haven't looked at last year's material either!"


Iori: "Don't say that. You'll manage somehow."

//びしっと決めて is probably idiomatic, I think it's related to "dressing smartly"//

So we decide to come without knowing what to do?
//Should be changed//


Well, I'll have to stick with them until the sports festival anyhow.


I hope we don't run into a lot of disagreements.


If I give them the impression that I'm an incapable leader we'll never be able to work together.


That's probably what the past me would have thought.
//lit., me up to now//


But from now on it won't be like that.


We'll only be working together for a short while but I need to do my best.


Kouhei: "Please wait a minute."


I stop him.


Iori: "Hmm?"


Kouhei: "I want to ask something before we go in."


Iori: "We don't have time."


Kouhei: "This won't take long."


Iori: "Okay then, just one question."


Kouhei: "Please tell me about last year's first meeting."


Iori: "Good question."


He smiles meaningfully.


Iori: "The leader introduced himself, we wrote down the names of the committee members, and we discussed the year's original event."
//lit., leader's inheriting//


Iori: "That's all."


Kouhei: "Original event?"


Iori: "A unique original event created by the committee, it's the highlight of our athletics festival."
//I avoid being literal//


Iori: "Don't worry about it."


Iori: "Most members have experience from last year. They're full of determination."


A team full of ambitious members and one amateur leader to bring then together...
//too long//


I need to keep control or there will be discontent.


Everyone's eyes converge on me as I enter.


...apart from a group of female students, whose eyes are glued to the president.


Iori: "Yo, sorry to keep you waiting."


Female Student A: "That's totally fine."


Male Student E: "Please take care of us this year too, President."


Seems like the president has earned their trust from last year's festival.


Iori: "There are many familiar faces here, but there are newcomers too, so introductions come first."


Iori: "I will be doing this Aonori style."




Iori: "I am the student council president, the leader of last year's sports festival committee, Iori Sendou."


I can't even tell it's not really Aoto-sensei.
//lit. something like, I don't need to hear that only from the person himself anymore. (now there are two who can do it)//


Iori: "This instant noodle is my precious."


Female Student D: "Ahaha, that's just like him."


Female Student B: "You're amazing, President."


The freshman who were initially nervous are now starting to smile.


The atmosphere in the room becomes lighter in an instant.


Iori: "By the way, let me introduce this year's committee leader."


There is a stir.


Iori: "Please calm down, everyone. Well, Hasekura-kun."


I stand beside him.


I'm now occupying the spot a teacher would normally stand.


Everyone is sitting in their chairs, watching me.


There are about 40 people in total.


My seniors, my classmates and my juniors are all mixed together.


They have the eyes of rural villagers looking at a suspicious stranger.


I'm not nervous.


I'm actually quite accustomed to standing in this spot.


Just like every time I've transferred, first comes in the self introduction.


Kouhei: "My name is Hasekura Kouhei, a member of the student council. I will be taking the role of the leader of this year's festival committee."


There is a small commotion instead of applause.


Male Student C: "He's in the student council?"

【女子生徒E】「あれじゃない? 女風呂覗いた人」

Female Student E: "Isn't he that guy? The one who peeked in the girl bath."


Female Student C: "Ah, now that you mention it..."


I can hear whispers from all around the room.


Kouhei: "I just transferred to this school in April."


Kouhei: "Obviously I don't yet know this school's athletics festival traditions."


Iori: "......Is it okay to say something like that?"


I reply to him by whispering, "please leave this to me."


The president just folds his arms and smiles.


Kouhei: "Most of you were in this committee last year as well..."


Kouhei: "...and I intend to use as much of your experience as possible."




Well, here we go.


Kouhei: "So then, what can I do?"
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Kouhei: "I've transferred many times, I've been to many schools, and I've experienced a wide variety of sports festivals."


Kouhei: "I will use the most memorable and fun things from those experiences as suggestions for you."


Kouhei: "This year's athletics festival will be able to draw upon these experiences that this school has never had before."


Kouhei: "That is what I can do."


Small applause.


Still, it's applause.


Iori: "Presenting your demerits before your merits? Not a bad impression."


He whispers to me again.


Iori: "The approval rating is about 25%. What next?"


Kouhei: "This is part where I wait for reinforcements."


I whisper to him and look back over the classroom.


Kouhei: "There are probably some of you who are still concerned."


Kouhei: "Please don't be. We have a reliable man with us."


Kouhei: "Let me introduce our secret super advisor, Iori Sendou!"


Iori: "Oh my?"


Male Student D: "I was waiting for that!"


Female Student D: "President~!"


Kouhei: "Well, a word please."


Iori: "Thank you. Thank you."


Iori: "Hasekura-kun may not have much past experience as the committee leader, but he's determined so don't fear."


Iori: "And as he said I'll be behind you as well."


He puts his arm around my shoulder.


Iori: "So, is it okay to leave the leader's job to him~?"


Everyone: "Of course~!"


The room is filled with cheering straight from a game show.
//what do they air during daytime? someone know?//


I wanted to avoid using the president's power if I could help it, but I had no choice this time.


For now it's essential for everyone to approve of their leader.


If I think about it that way, I guess this could be considered a success.


Kouhei: "Well then, lets start by taking everyone's names."


Creating the list of committee members and discussing the original event proceed smoothly.

//cut to student council//


Kouhei: "Phew......"


Erika: "Here's your tea."


Kouhei: "Thanks."


Erika: "So how was it?"


Iori: "It went well."


Erika: "In what way?"


Iori: "Everyone approved of their leader."


Iori: "Because he's my successor though they compared him to me and were dissatisfied."


Erika: "Your popularity is a burden."
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Iori: "It was unexpectedly useful though, thanks to his good idea."


Erika: "Ohh?"


Iori: "Deciding on the special event is being put on hold for now."


Iori: "Everyone will think about it until the next meeting."


Iori: "Not only was the meeting not tedious, it actually turned out pretty well."
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Erika: "What is your impression of your first battle, Hasekura-kun."


Kouhei: "I did my best to avoid the major pitfalls."


Kouhei: "I thought they might ask the president "please be the leader again this year" at any time."


Erika: "You just barely made it?"


Kouhei: "That kinda feeling."


Erika: "So now you can prepare for the next meeting without being conceited."


Kouhei: "You're so positive."


Erika: "Always facing forward will make you stronger."
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She raised her index finger while saying that.


Erika: "So, what will you do from here?"


Kouhei: "For now I want to find more information from previous festivals."


Erika: "I was looking for that earlier but I couldn't find it."


Erika: "Nii-san, where is it?"


Iori: "I forgot."


Erika: "Fine, Hasekura-kun and I will look for it."


She raises her eyebrows as she sips her tea.
//I'm pretty sure this is describing a facial expression, can someone think of a good one to add in?//


Kouhei: "Why are all the committee members so energetic?"


Kouhei: "Most of them have done this for a few years."


I don't think the committee's job is that interesting.


Iori: "There is also a small side benefit from it."


Kouhei: "Side benefit?"


Iori: "You'll eventually understand."


Iori: "What are you going to do for the original event?"


Kouhei: "I'll think of something while I look at previous festivals' data."


I said I'd seen a lot of athletics festivals, so I can't come up with something bad.
//TLC pls//


Kouhei: "I'll be seriously thinking about it."


Iori: "I'll look forward to it."


Erika: "Ah, Hasekura-kun."


Erika: "You'll have to go to the meeting alone from here on."


Kouhei: "Understood."


They'll probably be comparing me to the president from here on.


I still hope that doesn't last long.


Kouhei: "Since I told you to leave it to me, I'll try my best."


Erika: "Show me that you can make those words a reality."


I'm startled by her determined expression.


I don't want to disappoint her.