//April 24//


Today's weather is beautiful as usual.

軽く両手を伸ばして深呼吸してから、歩き出 す。

I walk out into the sun with my arms stretched wide, drinking in a deep breath of fresh air.


I see the vice president walking ahead of me.


I call out to her.


Kouhei: "Morning!"


Erika: "...ah... Hasekura-kun."


A voice totally lacking its normal energy responds to me.

【孝 平】「どうしたんだ?」

Kouhei: "What's wrong?"

【瑛 里華】「何が?」

Erika: "What?"


Kouhei: "You're usually more energetic."


Maybe she hasn't drank enough blood lately?


Erika: "I had some trouble sleeping from bad dreams, that's all."


Kouhei: "I see."


Erika: "Why are you making such a concerned face?"


Kouhei: "No, I just thought... maybe it was about 'that' kind of stuff..."


I don't want someone to overhear us talking about 'vampires'.


Erika: "I'm drinking enough blood."


Well, that's the vice president, able to discern what I'm hinting at instantly.


Kouhei: "Wait, are you sure it's okay to be talking about blood this openly?"

【瑛里華】「二人きりなんだから、いいじゃな い」

Erika: "It's just the two of us, it's fine, isn't it?"


She looks around a little as she says that, giving a nod of confirmation.


There's no other students around to listen in.


Kouhei: "Ah, okay."


Erika: "So, you've got athletics festival work again today, right?"


Kouhei: "That's the plan anyway."

【瑛 里華】「資料を探さないといけないのよね?」

Erika: "We've got to find those documents, don't we."

【孝平】 「そうだな」

Kouhei: "It'd be nice."

【瑛 里華】「なら私も手伝うから、見つけちゃいましょ」

Erika: "Well then, I'll help out. I bet we can find something together."


Kouhei: "Aren't you busy with your own stuff?"


Erika: "Not for today."


Kouhei: "Well, that would be a big help."


Erika: "It's fine."


Erika: "I'm just making up for my useless older brother who left them somewhere."

【瑛里 華】「それじゃ、放課後に監督生室でね」

Erika: "Well then, I'll see you after school at the Prefects Building."


Kouhei: "Got it."


And with that productive meeting, the vice president canters on ahead.


Aoto: "And so with that pH measurement, record it with the rest of the reactions down on the graph..."
//The chemist in me thinks this is worded wrong//


Aoto: "Ah. That's it for today."

【青砥】「次回は実験を行うから、忘れないよ うにな」

Aoto: "Tomorrow we'll be performing the experiment, so don't forget what you learned today."


Several people respond verbally with a 'Got it, sensei'.


I close my notebook and sit up straight.


Finally it's lunch break.


Tsukasa: "School cafeteria?"

【孝平】 「購買な気分だ」

Kouhei: "I'm in a vending machine mood."


Haruna: "Ah, you're eating in the classroom today?"


Kouhei: "We could I guess."


(missing translation)


Kanade: "Come on, let's go to the cafeteria!"


Both of these girls just seem to materialize out of nowhere.


Haruna: "Kouhei-kun is doing a vending machine lunch today."


Kanade: "Vending machine food, huh? Okay, let's do that!"


Kouhei: "You're eating in here too Kanade-san?"


Kanade: "Yep."


Kanade: "I ate in Hina-chan's classroom a bunch last year too."


Kouhei: "Well, you don't really even look like an upperclassman, so I guess it's fine."


Kanade: "Kanade Beam!"


(missing translation)


Kouhei: "Guaa..."


A vicious shin kick.

【陽菜】 「ごめんね、大丈夫?」

Haruna: "Oh, sorry... are you okay?"


Tsukasa: "You know what happens when you say things like that, is this some kind of hobby to you?"


Kouhei: "It was just a careless comment, that's all."

【司】 「さて」

Tsukasa: "Well then."


Tsukasa takes something out of his pocket.


He rolls it onto my desk's surface.


Game dice, four of them.

【司】「孝平、コレ で勝負しねえか」

Tsukasa: "Kouhei, care for a game?"


Tsukasa: "The loser has to go buy for the losers."


Kanade: "I'm in!"


Kouhei: "Sometimes I wonder if you even realize you're on the Public Morals Committee."

【かなで】「これくらいの遊びは規則違反じゃ ないもん」

Kanade: "This small of a game isn't a violation of the rules."


Tsukasa: "Kouhei and the other Yuuki?"


Kouhei: "Sounds interesting, so let's give it a try."


Kanade: "Hina-chan, you play too!"

【か なで】「わたしが守るから」

Kanade: "I'll protect you, you'll see."


How can you protect someone in dice?


Haruna: "Well, if you say so..."

【青砥】 「ん、サイコロか」

Aoto: "Ah, dice gambling, huh."


Kanade: "Ah, Noripii!"


Well, this is bad.


Aoto-sensei scoops up the dice into his hand.


Tsukasa: "Confiscating them?"


Aoto: "No, just having a moment of nostalgia."


He spins all four dice back and forth between his fingers skillfully.


And then rolls them onto the table.

【陽 菜】「あ……」

Haruna: "Ah..."


Kouhei: "Amazing!"


Every single one of them shows a 1.


Aoto: "Hrmph."


Aoto: "Do everything in moderation, kids."


Saying that, he leaves.


Kouhei: "Every single one is a 1!"

【桐 葉】「1296分の1」

Kiriha: "One thousand, two hundred and ninety six to one against."


Kouhei: "Woah."


A sudden voice from behind us.

【桐葉】 「気にしないで」

Kiriha: "Don't mind me."


She says coldly.


Kanade: "Kirikiri, play with us too!"


Kiriha: "I'll pass."


Kanade: "Resistance is futile!"


(missing translation)


Kanade reaches out and snags Kuze-san.


Kiriha: "*sigh*"


Haruna: "I'm sorry, Kuze-san."


Haruna: "If you don't want to, just say so."


Kiriha: "It's fine."


Looks like she's giving up.


Kouhei: "So... Aoto-sensei is amazing, isn't he."


Tsukasa: "It's the sign of a pro."


Kouhei: "Oh yeah?"


Tsukasa: "Back in the day, he was amazing."


Kouhei: "You can tell just from watching that one roll?"


Tsukasa: "That's what I'm saying."


Kiriha: "If we're doing this, let's hurry."


Tsukasa: "Shall we begin?"


Tsukasa: "To put it simply, the lowest total loses."


Kouhei: "I see."


Tsukasa: "So, let's do it."


Tsukasa: "Who's going first."


Haruna: "Well then..."


Haruna timidly raises her hand.


Her dice on her toss total to 19.


Tsukasa's next with a total of 13.


Guaranteed to not lose, Haruna leaves her seat quietly.


To the bathroom I guess.


Kuze-san's roll is a 9.


Mine, a 7.


Kouhei: "7!?"


Tsukasa: "With only the dorm leader left, you're looking like the lowest."


Kanade: "There's no way I'm losing!"


Kouhei: "How's that?"


Kanade: "I've stolen Noripii's secret technique!"


Kouhei: "That quickly!?"


Bobbing her head in confirmation, she grasps the dice in her tiny hand.


Kanade: "Uriyaa!"


Kouhei: "Holy..."


Tsukasa: "No way!"


All four dice fall on the same face.


All of them 1.


Kiriha: "Total, 4."


Tsukasa: "Looks like the dorm leader loses."


Kanade: "Damn it! They all went to 1!"


She collapses into a pile.


Kouhei: "Still, what an amazing loss."


Kanade: "What a silly mistake."


Kanade: "Fine, I'll go buy."


Kanade: "Your orders please!"


She demands from us.


Tsukasa: "Red Beanpaste Bread."
//Anpan? we might as well?//


Kouhei: "Yakisoba bread."


Kiriha: "Curry Bread."


Kanade: "This late in, there's no way there will be any fried soba bread left."


Tsukasa: "It is popular, isn't it."


Kouhei: "Then, white bread."


Haruna: "Who's buying?"


Haruna is back.


Tsukasa: "The dorm leader."


Haruna: "As I thought..."


Kouhei: "As you thought?"


Haruna: "Onee-chan has no luck for this sort of thing."


Kouhei: "That wasn't a matter of luck though."


Haruna: "?"


Kanade: "Grrr..."


Haruna: "Let's go, Onee-chan."


She holds out a plastic bag.


Kanade: "Bread and juice?"


Haruna: "I thought that if we didn't hurry, they would have sold out of everything."


Haruna: "I just went and bought it. Sorry."


Kouhei: "I see... good thinking."


Tsukasa: "We took longer than I expected."


Kanade: "Hi- Hina-chan, thank you!"


Kanade: "I love you so much!"


She wraps her arms around her sister, clinging to her.


Haruna: "Onee-chan, you're overreacting."


Kanade: "Okay everyone! Today is my treat!"


Kanade: "Eat to your heart's content!"


Kouhei: "Um... okay."


Kanade: "Hina-chan, who didn't even lose, went and bought it for you."


Kanade: "If you leave any behind, I'll make you wish you had committed seppuku instead!"


Seppuku... that would suck.


Kouhei: "Well then, let's eat!"


Tsukasa: "Then, I won't hold back."


Haruna: "Kouhei-kun, you like yakisoba bread, right?"


She hands over a vegetable juice box as well.


Kouhei: "Ooooh... thank you!"


Kanade: "Yeah, Kirikiri, you get some too."


Kiriha: "I didn't think it was a tea party..."
// TL seems wrong


Pressed for time, everyone munches on the bread quickly.


This seems like a good chance to ask about the athletics festival.


Kouhei: "So, I've got a question."

【かなで】「ひゃひ? ほーへー」

Kanade: ""
// Someone make sfx for this I'm not good at that sort of thing//


Haruna: "Onee-chan, don't talk while chewing your food."


She nods to Haruna's words.


(missing translation)

【かなで】「何? こーへー」

Kanade: "What is it, Kouhei?"


Kouhei: "At last year's athletics festival, what kind of games did you guys play?"

【陽菜】「竹馬競争と目隠しリレーだったか な」

Haruna: "A bamboo stilts competition, and a blindfolded relay..."


Kande: "After that, there was the surviving a field of pitfalls race..."


Kouhei: "What the heck kind of game is that?"


Kanade: "There are holes dug in the ground with sticks and leaves over them, and you have to make your way through it carefully."


Tsukasa: "That was pretty rough."


Kouhei: "I see..."


Tsukasa: "There was water from the previous night's rain in all the holes."


Kouhei: "That would suck to fall into."


Kanade: "It did suck."


Kouhei: "Did you fall in?"

かなでさんが、遠い目 をしながら小さくうなずいた。

Kanade-san gives a small nod, her eyes distant, probably reviewing the awful memory


School has just ended and everyone's getting ready to head to their afternoon activities.


Thinking of my own original games, I toss my notebook into my bag.


Kouhei: "Hrm..."


Maybe a sticky rice cake eating contest?


But that might make some people get sick.


Kiriha: "Can I help you?"


Kouhei: "Eh?"


Kiriha: "You're staring in my direction, making 'hrmm' noises."


Kouhei: "Sorry, I was just lost in thought."


Kiriha: "I see."


Satisfied with that, she starts to leave.


Kouhei: "Ah, wait, Kuze-san."

【桐葉】 「何かしら?」

Kiriha: "What now?"

【孝平】 「今年の体育祭で、やりたい競技ってある?」

Kouhei: "For this year's athletics festival, what kind of games would you like to see?"


Kiriha: "There is one game I'd like to see."


Kouhei: "And that is?"


Kiriha: "The game where we don't have an athletics festival because it's a waste of time."


She doesn't even hesitate for a second.


Kiriha: "That's very... typical of you."


At least she's honest.

【桐葉】「昼も 体育祭のことを聞いていたわね」

Kiriha: "You asked about the athletics festival during lunch too, didn't you."


Kiriha: "Why?"


Kouhei: "I'm the committee chairman this year."


Kiriha: "I see."


Kouhei: "Sorry for randomly asking you questions like that."


Kiriha: "I don't really mind."

【孝 平】「助かったよ、ありがと」

Kouhei: "Well, thanks for your answer."


Kiriha: "There's nothing to thank me for."


She has a vaguely confused expression.


Kouhei: "I mean... at least you gave me an answer."


Kiriha: "I see."


She gives a small nod, content with that.


Kiriha: "Farewell."


She takes her leave saying that.


I need to get going to the Prefect's Building too.


I walk up the stairs in front of the Prefect's Building.


As I reach for the handle to the door, I check posture and demeanor.


I need to enter with a smile after all.


(missing translation)

【白】 「あ」

Shiro: "Ah."


Standing before me as I open the door is Shiro-chan.


Kouhei: "Hey, Shiro-chan."


Shiro: "Um..."


She looks at me with a puzzled expression.


Kouhei: "What's wrong?"

【白】「いえ、何かいつもと雰囲気が違うの で」

Shiro: "It's nothing, just... something about your normal demeanor is different."


Shiro: "Did something good happen?"

【孝 平】「いや、特には」

Kouhei: "No, not particularly."


Shiro: "I see."


Shiro: "But, you look pretty happy."

【瑛 里華】「私が、笑顔で入ってきてってお願いしたのよ」

Erika: "I asked him to make sure he always enters with a smile."


The vice president rises from her seat and joins the conversation.


Shiro: "Ah, I see."


Shiro: "I'll make sure to follow suit."


Saying that, she smiles sweetly.


She has such a pure heart.

【孝平】「なんか 見てるだけでこっちも顔が緩んでくるな」

Kouhei: "Somehow, I can feel the warmth of that smile just from looking."


Shiro: "It's because I see your smile that I can smile like this."


【伊 織】「おや、みんな扉の前に集まって何やってるんだい?」

Iori: "Oya? What is everyone doing standing in front of the door?"


Iori: "You're all smiling like you're enjoying yourselves very much."


Shiro: "We're practicing our smiles."


She says, aiming her smile at the President.


Shiro: "What do you think?"

【伊織】「伊織 流、微笑み返しっ!」

Iori: "Here's one coming back at you, Iori style!"


The president smiles as strongly as he can!


For a moment, he's completely engulfed in a glowing light.


Shiro: "I- I've lost!"

【孝平】「いきなり目潰し技を繰り出さないで 下さい」

Kouhei: "Give us some warning before you blind us with that smile, President."


Iori: "It's just my everyday greeting."


What kind of greeting is blinding people?

【白】「すごい……笑顔って光を放つんです ね」

Shiro: "Amazing... even just his smile can cast such light..."

【孝平】「あんなことできるの会長だけだか ら、マネしちゃダメだよ」

Kouhei: "That's our President, capable of such feats, but still a hopeless manager."

【瑛里華】 「ねえ兄さん、征一郎さんは?」

Erika: "Hey Nii-san, where's Seiichirou-san?"


Iori: "Ah, Sei is at a committee meeting."


Iori: "He'll be back soon."


Erika: "I see."

【瑛里華】「じゃあ支倉くん、そろそろ資料を 探しましょ」

Erika: "Well then, Hasekura-kun, let's start looking for those athletics festival documents."


Kouhei: "That would be a huge help."

【伊 織】「頑張ってね」

Iori: "Good luck."

【瑛里 華】「ヒマなら兄さんも手伝いなさいよ」

Erika: "If you're free, why don't you come help us too, Nii-san."


Iori: "Ah, but... today is one of those carefree, springtime days."


The president's longing gaze is out the window.


Erika: "Shut up and help us."

【孝平】「あ あ」

Kouhei: "Yeah..."

【白】「あ、お 手伝いします」

Shiro: "Ah, I'll help too."


Kouhei: "Are you sure?"

【白】「今日は兄さまから、何も言われてませ んので」

Shiro: "Onii-sama hasn't given me anything more to do today, so..."


Kouhei: "Thanks, that's kind of you."


Erika: "Okay, so... two of us should search the storehouse, while the other searches the room here."

【瑛里 華】「ああ、これは体育祭の仕事だから、支倉くんが仕切ってみて」

Erika: "Ah, this is athletics festival work, so why don't you choose, Hasekura-kun."


Kouhei: "Me?"


Erika: "It's good practice to be issuing orders to underlings."

【孝平】「じゃあ、二人ともどっちを探したい か希望はある?」

Kouhei: "Okay, do you two have any opinions on where to search?"


Erika: "None."


Shiro: "Either is fine."


What to do...

とりあえず、上は楽そうだから俺は倉庫に行く として……。

Well, searching up here is going to be the more enjoyable of the two tasks, so I should probably take the lower section.



Search the storehouse with the Vice President

白ちゃんと 倉庫を探索

Search the storehouse with Shiro-chan


【孝平】「俺と副会長が倉庫で、白ちゃんがこ こでいいかな」

Kouhei: "The vice president and I will search down below, Shiro-chan, you stay here and look for them."


Erika: "Got it."


Shiro: "Yes."


The cellar is pretty gloomy.


Kouhei: "It's almost like a parallel universe down here."


I can see the dust swirling through the air by the light spilling in through the window.

山積みの紙、ボロボロの棚、古い机、玉入れ 台や綱引きの綱、看板などが転がっている。

Piles of papers, crumbling shelves, ancient desks, tug of war ropes, and various posters are laying scattered as though they were just dumped into this place.
//ball-toss game is present in the Japanese text//


Kouhei: "What happened to this place?"


Erika: "Everything we don't use very often finds its way down here."


Erika: "We should check by all the stuff that we use for the athletics festival."

【孝平】 「そうなのか」

Kouhei: "Yeah."

【瑛里華】「たし かあの辺で見た気がするわ」

Erika: "I'm pretty sure I saw them over in that vicinity at some point..."


Wading through documents and office clutter knee deep, the vice president moves forward.

ひらひらと危ういラインで上下するスカートの 後を、なんとかついていく。

Her skirt flutters as she struggles to walk, coming dangerously close to giving me an eyeful.


Erika: "Why... is it so... hard... to move?"


Kouhei: "If I had to venture a guess, it's probably because there's junk everywhere."


Erika: "It's not junk!"

【瑛里華】 「たぶん」

Erika: "Probably."

【孝平】 「整理したほうがいいんじゃないか」

Kouhei: "Shouldn't there be some sort of organization to all this?"


Erika: "We're supposed to be converting at least the documents over the an electronic format at some point, but..."


Erika: "There's so much generated each year, it's hard to keep up with."


No kidding.


I pick up a pile of paperwork next to my foot.


Kouhei: "This one looks like a budgetary allocation report."


Well, from five years ago anyway.


Erika: "Ah, here we go!"

奥の棚から紙の塊を取り 出す。

She pulls a bundle of papers out from one of the shelves.


Kouhei: "Well, it does say 'Athletics Festival' on the front..."


She scans through the first few pages.


Erika: "Mrr..."


Kouhei: "What's wrong?"

【瑛里華】「38年前のだけど、参考にな る?」

Erika: "It's from thirty eight years ago, but... want to use it as a reference?"


Kouhei: "Seems like it might be a little outdated."


Erika: "Yeah..."


We continue to search around.



Kouhei: "Shiro-chan and I will search down below. Vice president, you can stay here and look for them."


Erika: "Got it."


Shiro: "Yes."


(missing translation)


Shiro: "Everything is in heaps, it seems."


Kouhei: "Even just getting in looks like a challenge."


The floor is covered in papers and other junk up to my knees, making walking a challenge.


Kouhei: "No helping it, let's go."

【白】 「はい」

Shiro: "Yes."

俺が歩いた後を白ちゃ んがおずおずとついてくる。

I walk in, with Shiro-chan timidly following behind me.

歩きにくいのか、どんどん距離が離れてしま う。

It's so difficult for her to navigate through the junk that she steadily falls behind.


Kouhei: "Are you okay?"


Shiro: "Hasekura-sempai, you're amazing."


Shiro: "To be able to walk so well on this terrain..."


Kouhei: "It's nothing special."


Shiro: "But, I can't do it at all."

【白】 「何かコツがあるのでしょうか?」

Shiro: "Is there some sort of trick to it?"

【孝平】「歩幅を大きくとると歩きやすいか も」

Kouhei: "Well, walking is easier if you take big steps."


Kouhei: "It's like when there's a lot of snow on the ground, and you have to raise your foot up high out of it to walk. Same idea."


Shiro: "Then, I'll try that."


She contemplates it over in her head for a bit before taking action.


Shiro: "Here I go!"


She gives her best effort, uprooting her right foot.
//She exclaims this as she starts walking - or something//


The burst of movement causes her skirt to flutter high around her waist.


For a short moment, certain parts of her anatomy that are concealed by her skirt become visible.


Seiichirou: "You'll pay for that with your life..."


...Tougi-sempai's voice resounds in my head.


I muster up all my physical, and mental strength to turn around... and run right into a bookshelf.


//needs better sfx, its the sound of his body hitting the shelf//

【白】 「は、支倉先輩、大丈夫ですかっ!」

Shiro: "Ha- Hasekura-sempai, are you okay?"


Kouhei: "...I'm alive, and fine."


I somehow managed to stay standing and keep the books from falling all around me.



【伊 織】「お、戻ったね」

Iori: "You're back."

【瑛 里華】「見つかった?」

Erika: "Did you find anything?"


Shiro: "Unfortunately, nothing."

【孝平】 「とりあえず、小休止しようか」

Kouhei: "Let's all take a break for a minute."


Shiro: "Yes."


Erika: "Sounds good."


The vice president sits in her seat.


Erika: "I'm a little worn out."


Iori: "Relaxation is also necessary for elegance."


The president says, emptying his wine glass.


The vice president frowns at the red contents of his glass.


Iori: "That's a wistful face you're making."


Erika: "Am not."


Iori: "Here."


The president tosses something to the vice president.

【孝平】 「それは?」

Kouhei: "What's that?"


The vice president's fingers are wrapped around a small red pack.


Erika: "Blood transfusion pack."


Shiro: "Ah."


Shiro-chan flees to the back room.

と、 思ったらすぐに戻ってきた。

... or so I think, but she's back almost immediately.


Shiro: "Here you go."


She holds out a straw.

【瑛里華】「あり がとう、白」

Erika: "Thank you, Shiro."


Shiro: "I'll bring out Hasekura-sempai's tea as well."


Bringing out a straw for drinking blood, then bringing out tea, yet she doesn't find this strange.

【孝平】「慣 れてるんだな」

Kouhei: "You've adapted well."


Shiro: "Excuse me?"


Kouhei: "Ah, never mind."


Shiro: "I see."


Erika: "Ew."

副会長がパックにストローをさして、口をつけ る。

Poking the straw into the bag, she begins to drink.


(missing translation)


Erika: "Mmm..."


She makes a doubtful face.

【孝平】「まずい のか」

Kouhei: "Is it bad?"

【瑛里華】「そ うね」

Erika: "Yes."

【伊織】「正直に言うと、こんな血は飲めた もんじゃないよ」

Iori: "Frankly, blood isn't meant to be drank like that."

【孝平】「その割には優雅に飲んでるじゃない ですか」

Kouhei: "Because it's not elegant?"


Iori: "That's the gist of it."

【孝平】「おい しい血とかあるんですか?」

Kouhei: "And the tasty blood comes from where?"


Iori: "The best is fresh from a healthy, living human being."


Iori: "Especially a girl."


Erika: "What are you even saying?"

【伊 織】「いやいや、異性の血のがおいしいよ」

Iori: "No no, the blood of the opposite sex is the most delicious, I promise you."


Kouhei: "There is that tendency for only young girls to be assaulted... at least in movies."


Iori: "Because the blood of young girls is the best of all."


Iori: "Maybe that's just me though."

【孝 平】「結局、経験で語るしかないからよくわからない、と」

Kouhei: "Well, yeah, it's not like you have anyone to poll and get a rule of thumb for."


Iori: "You get it, don't you."

【孝平】 「いろいろ聞きましたからね」

Kouhei: "Well, I did pay attention earlier."


Iori: "But the bottom line is, blood in a bag is unappetizing."


Iori: "If I don't have to drink it, I prefer not to."


Erika: "I don't care so much about the taste, but if I don't drink it, who knows what would happen to me."


(missing translation)

【白】 「お口直しです」

Shiro: "Here's a palate freshener for you."


She sets out tea for everyone.


I thank her and take a sip of my tea.


Erika: "Ouch."


I instinctively look over at the vice president.


Her eyes tell me to keep my mouth shut.


I nod slightly and look over at the president

【孝平】「そのパック はどこで手に入れてるんですか?」

Kouhei: "Where did you get that blood transfusion bag from?"


Iori: "It's best if you didn't know."


The ever present smile vanishes off the president's face.


Kouhei: "Why is that?"

【伊織】「たとえば、俺たちを利用しようとす る者がいるとする」

Iori: "For example, what if someone wanted to manipulate us?"

【伊織】「そいつはまず、君や白ちゃんを捕 まえるだろう」

Iori: "What if they captured you or Shiro-chan?"


Iori: "Then the bag's source might be revealed. This way is for the best."


Kouhei: "The best for whom?"

【伊織】「パックが 無くなれば、俺たちは見境なく人を襲いだすかもしれない」

Iori: "If we don't have the blood bags, we'd be forced to feed on people randomly."


Iori: "I don't even want to think about the damage to the residents of this island."
// seems wrong //


His expression makes it clear he isn't joking.


Iori: "I wonder if even after hearing that, you still don't think I'm doing it for the greater good?"
// seems wrong //

【伊 織】「どうしても、と言うなら話すけど」

Iori: "I'll tell you if you really want to know."


Kouhei: "Actually I'm fine not knowing."


【白】 「あっ、兄さま」

Shiro: "Ah... Nii-sama."


Seiichirou: "I've returned."


Shiro: "Welcome back."


Erika: "Say, Seiichirou-san."

【征 一郎】「ん?」

Seiichirou: "Nn?"


Erika: "Do you know what happened to the paperwork from last year's athletics festival?"

【征一郎】「一階倉庫の奥、左手の棚の3段目 だ」

Seiichirou: "First level of the storehouse, left hand side shelves, third row."


He says without hesitation.

【孝 平】「見てくるよ」

Kouhei: "I'll go look."

部 屋を出て一階倉庫に向かう。

I head out of the room to the storehouse again.


Erika: "Did you find them?"

【孝平】「あっさり 見つかった」

Kouhei: "Easily."


They were right where he said they'd be.


The front page is prominently labeled "Athletics Festival Documents", the year clearly labeling it as last year's.


I flip through the pages, confirming the contents.


The original game from last year is detailed on its own page.


Everything they did, detailed out to the letter.


The minutes for every meeting.


Looks like everything is here.

【孝平】 「ありがとうございます、助かりました」

Kouhei: "Thank you very much, this will really help us."
頭 を下げた。

I bow to him.

【征一郎】「気にする な」

Seiichirou: "Don't mention it."


Erika: "Naturally, Seiichirou-san is the one you can rely upon."


Erika: "Unlike a certain Nii-san..."


Iori: "Only someone as amazing as Sei could recall the position of a single folder of documents in that massive mountain of paper."


Erika: "Sure sure..."


Shiro: "Isn't that great, Hasekura-sempai!"


Kouhei: "Thank you to you too, Shiro-chan."


Using those documents as a reference, I begin planning out my work on the athletics festival.


I gently sink into the hot water.

── さっきまで、体育祭の資料に目を通していた。

I spent a ton of time pouring over the previous year's documents.


It looks like all the prizes last year were credits to buy stuff from the school cafeteria and vending machines.


It's my job to obtain and eventually distribute those prizes.


I also have to think about the original game.


The festival is a little more than two weeks away.

やることはいっぱ いあるな。

I have a ton of stuff still to do.


【孝 平】「ふう」

Kouhei: "Phew..."

【かなで】「今 だ、突撃ー!」

Kanade: "Now! Charge!"

【孝 平】「な!?」

Kouhei: "Wha!?"

【陽菜】「お邪魔 するね」

Haruna: "Please excuse the intrusion."


I see them coming in through the balcony.


Tsukasa: "Sup."


Shiro: "Um... excuse the intrusion."

入 り口から二人侵入。

They're invading through the door as well.


Kanade: "Tea invasion complete!"

【孝平】 「早っ!」

Kouhei: "That was fast!"

【か なで】「かんぱーい」

Kanade: "Cheers!"

【孝平】 「ちょっと待って下さい」

Kouhei: "Wait a second."

【か なで】「ん?」

Kaede: "Nn?"

【孝平】「なんですかこ れは」

Kouhei: "What's going on?"


Kanade: "Preparing for a tea party requires the utmost speed, lest the enemy get wind of it!"


Kouhei: "You don't have to treat it like Sun Tzu."
//This isn't a Japanese-only cultural reference//


Kaede: "Everyone was waiting for you to arrive so they could come in."

【孝平】「事前に言ってくれればいいじゃない ですか」

Kouhei: "You could always try asking me before you come over."

【かなで】「こんなに遅いとは思わなかったん だもん」

Kanade: "We didn't think you'd be this slow in getting home."


Kouhei: "Well, sorry for making you wait."


Tsukasa: "You were in the bath for a long time."

【陽菜】「ゆっくり 浸かりたい気分の時ってあるよね」

Haruna: "Sometimes you just want to relax in there, right?"

【孝 平】「ああ。ちょっと考え事しててさ」

Kouhei: "Yeah. I was just deep in thought."


Shiro: "Was it... about the athletics festival?"


Shiro tilts her head slightly when asking the question.
//Yes Shiro is cute, it's not in the script though//


Kouhei: "Yes."


Shiro: "I'm glad we managed to find the documents for you today."


Kouhei: "Thank you for your hard work."


Kanade: "Did you search for them with him, Shiro-chan?"


Kouhei: "Her and the vice president as well."


Shiro: "Ah, speaking of which."

【白】「瑛里華先輩は、今日はお仕事でこれな いそうです」

Shiro: "Erika-sempai isn't busy today."


Kouhei: "Is she coming over as well?"

【白】 「はい」

Shiro: "Yes."

俺も体育祭の仕事をし ないといけないんだけどな。

I really need to get some work on the athletics festival done though.

待てよ、いい 機会だし相談してみるか。

Wait, actually, this is a good chance to talk with them about it.

【孝平】「みんなにちょっと聞きたいんだけ ど」

Kouhei: "I have some questions for everyone."


Haruna: "About?"


Kouhei: "What kind of game would you like to see at the athletics festival?"


Kanade: "For orignal games?"

【孝平】「そうで す」

Kouhei: "Yeah."

【白】 「オリジナル競技ってなんですか?」

Shiro: "What's an original game?"

【孝平】「毎年、実行委員が考える競技なん だ」

Kouhei: "Each year, the executive committee has to come up with a new game."


Shiro: "I see."

【孝平】「いいアイデアが浮かばなくて、困っ てたんだ」

Kouhei: "I can't think of anything good, which is problematic."


Tsukasa: "First, let's go to the beach."


Kouhei: "A long distance run."


Tsukasa: "Then a sleeping contest."


Kouhei: "Sabotage!"

【かなで】「そんなへーじに、風紀しー るっ!」

Kanade: "Heiji... you get a Morality Seal!"


Tsukasa: "Just kidding."


Kanade: "Mm..."


She lowers her seal reluctantly.
//hammer is just confusing unless we really use the "hammer of morality" meme//

【白】 「なんでもいいんですか?」

Shiro: "Anything is acceptable?"


Kouhei: "So long as it's an athletic activity, so it seems."


Shiro: "How about a confectionery cookie eating contest?"


Everyone looks down to the table at the cookies for our tea party.


Shiro: "No?"


Kouhei: "No, actually, that's a good idea."


Kouhei: "We did something similar at a school I was at once."


Kanade: "A cookie eating battle!"

【孝 平】「どのタイミングで食べろと」

Kouhei: "How long should we give them to eat?"


Kanade: "A battle does not end until the enemy is defeated."
//more Sun Tzu I believe, might be worth themeing these lines//


Kouhei: "Well, that would be original at least."


Kanade: "What about capture the flag?"


Tsukasa: "Ah, where both teams have to defend giant poles, and you have to climb up and throw their flag down to defeat them?"

【か なで】「危険だから禁止になっちゃったけどね」

Kanade: "That's dangerous so it wouldn't be allowed though.."

【かなで】「ああいう風に戦ったりするのが 一番盛り上がるよ」

Kanade: "Competitive games like that are really exciting too."


Haruna: "It would still be interesting even with the girls just watching."


Kouhei: "It is pretty different from most other games, isn't it."


Shiro: "How about a game that everyone could participate in?"


Shiro: "I think it would be interesting if instead of solo running, there was a relay."

【孝平】「確かに、参加人数が多いほうが盛 り上がるよな」

Kouhei: "Increasing the number of participants would certainly make it more exciting."

【陽菜】 「玉入れなら、みんなで参加できるけど」

Haruna: "Everyone will get to participate in the "Ball Tossing Into The Basket High Up On A Pole" game though..."

【孝平】「どこかの学校で水風船で玉入れっ てのがあったな」

Kouhei: "I wonder if there's anywhere where we could do "Balls Into The Basket" game with water balloons?"


Kanade: "Water balloons are awesome!"

【かなで】「普通の玉入れじゃなくて、カゴ入 れにしようよ」

Kanade: "And how about instead of a normal "Balls Into The Basket" game, its a "Balls Into Baskets On Your Back" game?"


"Balls Into Baskets On Your Back?"

【かなで】「敵がカゴを背負って逃げ回って、 そのカゴに向かって水風船を投げるの」

Kanade: "Like, everyone is wearing baskets on their back, and you have to throw them in while everyone's running around?"

【司】「いいん じゃねえか」

Tsukasa: "That sounds fun."


Tsukasa: "Anyone would run away if water balloons were being thrown at them too."


Tsukasa: "And even I'd be participating."


Kouhei: "Making water balloons for that many participants would be tough."

【白】「同じチームの人がその場で作るのはど うでしょうか?」

Shiro: "Maybe some people on the team would have to stay back and make the water balloons themselves?"


Shiro: "That way people who are weak like me could still take part."


Kouhei: "Like having a Resupply Base, and an Assault Force?"


Kouhei: "Excellent idea."

【かなで】「ど う?」

Kanade: "How do you like it?"


Kouhei: "It doesn't overlap with the previous year's games too, so it sounds good."

【かなで】「じゃあ、オリジナル競技は『水風 船で死屍累々っ☆』に決定っ!」

Kanade: "Then it's decided! The original game is "Water Balloon Genocide!"


Kouhei: "Shishiruirui means "heaps of corpses all around", that's an ill omen."


Kanade: "Eh? I thought it was cute."

【孝 平】「どこがですか」

Kouhei: "How so?"

【かなで】 「死屍累々の、るいるいのとこ」

Kanade: "The "ruirui" part of shishiruirui."

【白】 「るいるい?」

Shiro: "Ruirui?"


Haruna: "It sounds like the name of a panda."


Kanade: "It's cute, right? Shishiruirui."


Kouhei: "It's absolutely not cute."


Kanade: "Kouhei."


She turns her puppy eyes on me.


She whispers with a pleading voice.


Kanade: "...shishi... ruirui..."


Kanade: "I want to go visit Shishiruirui down at the zoo..."


Kouhei: "What kind of horrible tragedy happened in a peaceful zoo?"


I have little desire to go to such a dangerous zoo.


Kouhei: "Aaaanyway, I think we'll go with that game."


Kouhei: "The name will need to be changed though."

【かなで】「む う」

Kanade: "Mmm..."

【孝平】「みん な、ありがとう」

Kouhei: "Thank you, everyone."


Haruna: "Why are you thanking us... we didn't do anything!"


Kanade: "If it's for Kouhei, we're always here to help out."


Tsukasa: "Exactly."


After a while, Shiro-chan makes a surprised sound.


Shiro: "Ah!"


Kouhei: "What's wrong?"


Shiro: "I need to get going about now."


Kanade: "Is that so? Too bad."


Shiro: "Well then, I'll do some cleaning first..."


Kanade: "It's fine, it's fine."


Kanade: "Kouhei's going to do it all."


Kouhei: "Well, you're always making tea for me Shiro-chan, don't worry about it for tonight."

【かなで】「その分、監督生棟にいる時に こーへーに優しくしてあげてね」

Kanade: "Just treat him well when you two are in the Prefect's Building."


Kouhei: "What's with that mother-like comment?"


Haruna: "..."


For some reason Haruna's eyes meet mine for a brief moment.


Shiro: "Ah, yes. Thank you very much."


Haruna: "Please come again!"


Tsukasa: "Be careful on the way home."


Kouhei: "Good night."


Shiro: "Good night!"


With a bobbing nod and a bow, she leaves the room.


Haruna: "Does your mother say things like that?"


Aah... so that's what's on her mind.


Kouhei: "I remember my mother saying things like that when I was younger. I thought it was just me."

【孝平】「転校しまくりだったから、親が友達 ができるか気にしてたのかもな」

Kouhei: "I think my parents wanted me to be able to make friends quickly since we moved so frequently."


Kanade: "Speaking of which, where are your parents now?"


Kouhei: "They're being transfered around South East Asia... right now I think... Malaysia?"


Tsukasa: "Being transfered overseas for work, huh."


Kouhei: "My father designs bridges."


Kouhei: "They have plenty of construction going on there."

【司】 「さすがに海外まではついていけなかったか」

Tsukasa: "I suppose it's natural that you wouldn't want to follow them overseas like that."

【孝 平】「まあ、そうな」

Kouhei: "I guess so."

【陽 菜】「それで、なんでこの島にしたの?」

Haruna: "So... how did you end up here on this island.?"

【司】 「俺も同じことを聞いた気がするな」

Tsukasa: "I was about to ask the same thing."


Tsukasa: "Was it just the dorm system of the school?"


Kouhei: "This island is one of the places that I stayed the longest."


Kanade: "That time with us was the longest time you've ever spent in one place?"


Kouhei: "Yep."


Kouhei: "More importantly, what about you?"


Tsukasa: "You... who?"


Kouhei: "Everyone."

【孝平】「俺だけそういう話するのも変だ ろ」

Kouhei: "It's weird just to be talking about me."


Haruna: "Well, for us..."

【かなで】「この島に生まれてずーっとそのま んまだよ」

Kanade: "We were born here and we've always been living here on this island."

【かなで】「島の外に出たことも、あんまり ないしね」

Kanade: "We've barely even traveled off the island."


Kanade: "Where are you from, Heiji?"

【司】 「北の雄大な大地だ」

Tsukasa: "Kitano Yuudaina Daichi."


Kanade: "The birthplace of Ishikari Stew!"


Kouhei: "I'm not sure what kind of way that is to recognize a city..."


Tsukasa: "It's where my mother and twin sister live."


Kouhei: "A twin sister!?"


Haruna: "You have a twin sister?"

【か なで】「ねえねえ、写真とかないの?」

Kanade: "Do you have a picture of her?"


Tsukasa: "Why are you that interested?"


Well, I just can't picture it...


Haruna: "Yeah..."


Kanade: "What about the picture!?"

【司】「な い」

Tsukasa: "Not with me."

【かなで】「ケ チー」

Kanade: "No fair."

【かなで】「じゃ あ、今度までに送ってもらって」

Kanade: "Well then, make sure to bring one with you next time."


Tsukasa: "Oh, it's already this late?"


Tsukasa: "Then, I'll see ya."


Kanade: "Ah."


He heads out the door.


Kouhei: "He fled."

【かなで】 「なんで逃げるのかな」

Kanade: "I wonder why?"

【孝 平】「妹の写真を見せたくないからかと」

Kouhei: "Probably because he didn't want to be badgered about a picture of his sister."

【陽菜】「お姉ちゃん、あんまり無理に言っ ちゃダメだよ」

Haruna: "Onee-chan, you shouldn't be so pushy."


Kanade: "I see..."


Kanade: "Okay, let's go apologize!"

言 うが早いか走り去った。

Saying that, she runs away.


Kouhei: "She's a fast mover."

【陽菜】「それがお姉ちゃんのいいところだか ら」

Haruna: "That's one of Onee-chan's good points."


Haruna: "Kouhei-kun"


Kouhei: "Yeah."

食器洗いを陽菜に任せ、テーブルクロスなどを 片づけていく。

Entrusting the dishwashing to Haruna, I clean up the stuff on the table.


And thus, today's tea party ends.