After School.


Looking to head to the Student Council, I headed across the main grounds.


On the way, I passed by Sister Amaike.


Sister Amaike: "Hasekura-kun, haven't you seen Yukimaru?"


Kouhei: "Nope."


Kouhei: "Did he run away again?"


Sister Amaike: "I could hear a cry, but... thanks anyway."


I went down the so-called "stairs".


Cutting through the side of the old-fashioned auditorium, climbing up the stairs to the Student Council.


I heard a voice I remembered from the Chapel.


Shiro: "Won't it be bad if you go somewhere like that?!"




It seems that Shiro-chan is getting angry.


The thing she's talking to, could it be...


Shiro: "Come on, please come down."


It seems the one Shiro-chan was getting angry at, was a the rabbit, Yukimaru.


Kouhei: "Shiro-chan, what's wrong?"


Shiro: "Ah, Hasekura-sempai."


Shiro: "Yukimaru is... look, he climbed up there."


I saw her raise her finger.


Upon which, Yukimaru had climbed up onto the altar.


Whether it was because it was high, or frightening, it seemed I wouldn't be able to climb up there myself.


Shiro: Come on, Yu-ki-ma-ru.


Kouhei: "Well, can't you climb up there yourself?"


Kouhei: I'll take him down.


Shiro: Ah, okay.


Shiro: Sorry, please...


Kouhei: He climbed up here?


Shiro: Yes.


Climbing up over the altar, I reached out my hand towards Yukimaru.


Kouhei: Yukiamaru, come on.


Gently picking up Yukimaru, I passed him towards Shiro-chan.


Shiro-chan looked relieved.


Shiro: Sorry to bother you.


Shiro: There's no way I could've reached him, you really saved us.


Looking embarassed, I lowered my head.


Kouhei: This much, not a problem.


I looked around the chapel.


Kouhei: It looks like the usual people aren't around.


Shiro: That's true...


Kouhei: Besides that, aren't the Laurel Ring people around?


Shiro: If you're asking just by name, there are a few of those people around. (Needs correction).


Shiro: Right now, it seems to be just Sister Amaike and I.


Kouhei: That's right, I met the Sister in front of the fountain.


Shiro: Ah.


Crap, I forgot whose face Shiro reminds me of. (Unsure).


Shiro: Um, Sister went outside to look for Yukimaru.


Kouhei: Seems so.


Kouhei: We better tell her quickly that Yukimaru's alright.


Shiro: Y-Yes.


Sister Amaike: Thank you Hasekura-kun.


Someday, please consider allowing in Laurel Ring's people.


Kouhei: Ahaha...


I let out a sigh.


Sister Amaike: Even though there's alot of work, there's not enough people.


I could see that just by looking.


Kouhei: Even if Laurel Ring gave their all to the work, boarding school life permitting, there'd be no benefit would there?


Sister Amaike: "Well, actually Laurel Ring's members would become a model to the other boarding students where possible." // Unsure //


Kouhei: "It'll be pretty difficult to match the Student Council's work." // Unsure //


Sister Amaike: "Heh... can't be helped."


Our lengthening conversation was suddenly cut short.


Kouhei: "See you later, Shiro-chan."


Shiro: "I'll be heading down to the Student Council later as well."


Kouhei: "Ah."


Kouhei: "Sup."


Seiichirou: "Yo, Hasekura."


Strangely enough though Sendou's siblings were around, Tougi-senpai seemed to be alone inside the room. // Wrong //.


Kouhei: "On the way here, I met Shiro-chan at the Chapel."


Seiichirou: "Oh?"


Kouhei: "I was surprised to hear her raising her voice in anger."

// (She doesn't raise her voice/get angry often) //


Seiichirou: "Why was she getting angry?"


Though he spoke calmly, he was really getting into it.


Kouhei: "Well, about that..."


I explained the details.


Seiichirou: "I see. The chapel is peaceful place isn't it."


There was no way she could've gotten seriously angry, said Tougi-senpai with a calm voice.


Seiichirou: "Though, you know Hasekura."


Seiichirou: "Shiro's terrifying when she's truly angry."


Tougi-senpai's face suddenly turned serious.


Kouhei: "Is... that so?"


Seiichirou: "Yes. Though, her usual anger isn't scary."


Seiichirou: "Pukuu~ and blowing her cheeks out, and the like."


Not particularly scary.


Seiichirou: "When I say it's not scary, she blows her cheeks out bigger. Completely huge."


Kouhei: "Uhh..."


Seiichirou: "The scary part is what comes after."


If I don't let her eat kintsuba (candy), she refuses to speak to me.


Kouhei: "Uhh..."


Seiichirou: "That's what I mean. Scary, right?"


Kouhei: "Uhh?"


Tougi-senpai looked completed serious the whole time.


Is he another siscon, or is he kidding around?


I don't understand this guy.


Kouhei: "To start with, does Shiro-chan really blow up that much?"


Seiichirou: "If you try make her mad, you'll understand."


Kouhei: "But, she'll stop talking to me right?"


Seiichirou: "Probably."


... I wonder if Shiro-chan would give me that face.


If you think about it, she might show that face to Tougi-senpai because they're siblings.


Blowing up huh.


Just my imagination.


... But it might be cute.


Seiichirou: "Bad-tasting kintsuba will backfire though, so be careful."


Kouhei: "Where should I buy that stuff from?"


Seiichirou: "I recommend the best old shop on this island: "Sasaki"."


Shiro says she appreciates the flavour of the kintsuba from there as well.


Kouhei: "Thanks a lot. I'll try going there this time."


Seiichirou: "If you have some time in the city, it might be worth buying some there." // Unsure //


Erika: "Hm."


Shiro: "Good afternoon."


The two girls accompanied each other.


Erika: "It's warm today."


Shiro: "Onii-sama, Hasekura-kun."


From besides Erika, who had just begun to walk, Shiro popped out in front.




Shiro: "Just now, weren't you talking about kintsuba?"


I wonder if the scent of those words had somehow leaked out.


Kouhei: "Yeah, we were."


Shiro: "I knew it."


Kouhei: I heard some things from Tougi-senpai."


Kouhei: "Like how it's easy to fix Shiro's bad mood, by offering some kintsuba."


Shiro: "Owh..."


Shiro: "It's not that simple!"


Her cheeks were blowing out.


I- I see.


Erika: "You shouldn't say that."


Looking around, before I realized it, Tougi-sempai had disappeared.




- I was thinking, when from the hot water room, he came holding a plate.


Seiichirou: "Shiro, you can eat these."


Shiro: "Waa, kintsuba."


Seiichirou: "I'll make some tea."


Shiro: "Thank you, Onii-sama."


The expected technique.


A single flowing series of movements.


Shiro: "It's delicious."


Forgetting anything about starting to blow out her cheeks, she savoured the taste of the kintsuba.


Erika: "As expected."


The vice president was enjoying it as well.


Shiro: "Thanks for the meal."


Erika: "Thanks for the meal."


Kouhei: "You ended up treating all of us."


Seiichirou: "Don't worry about it."


As long as you understand the quality of Sasaki's kintsuba.


Kouhei: "It's easy just eating a little."


Kouhei: "I just had a bite."


Shiro: "That's no good."


Shiro-chan stood up.


Shiro: "If you don't taste more of it..."


Kouhei: "Nah, it was delicious."


Shiro: "Hasekura-sempai, this time you lead us to Sasaki."


Shiro: "I think if you eat more carefully, you'll be able to taste more profound flavours."


Erika: "Looks like you're trapped, Hasekura-kun."


Seiichirou: "Looks like it can't be helped, lead the way Hasekura."


Kouhei: "... Fine, I got it."


Losing to Shiro-chan's first display of strength, I nodded. (The first that's Kouhei's seen, not sure how to word this.)