The vice-president was working on a whole lot of jobs.


Without the vice-president, it'd be totally out of control.


Iori: "Erika, I have a request."


Kouhei: "Am I looking after this?"


Erika: "What's the matter?"


Iori: "It's a meeting to discuss the year plan document for the flower bed near the grounds."


Erika: "Guh..."


Erika: "Hasekura-kun, are you familiar with the names of flowers?"


Kouhei: "Nope, sorry."


Erika: "Oh, why did it gave to turn out like this today."


Seiichirou: "Sorry, could I ask something as well?"


Erika: "Even you, Seiichirou?"


Seiichirou: "The matter with the girl's room is mine right?"


Erika: "Yep".


Kouhei: "Vice-President, could we make some black tea?"


Erika: "That'd be great..."


Shiro: "Sorry, we're out of black tea leaves."


Erika: "Ugh..."


Erika: *...Mumbling*


The president tried to calm the vice-president, who was on the verge of exploding.


Iori: "Sorry, could you two go and buy some black tea please?"


Iori: "Buy some nice ones. Today's a special day."


Taking the President's pocket money and shopping list, Shiro-chan and I left the student council building.

//is it shopping list? Probably wrong.


Along with a request for some equipment from Tougi-sempai ahnd some shopping for the student council, we received a permit to head out.


Thanks to the permit, the gold and silver guards let us pass peacefully.


It was a fresh experience leaving, compared to the usual days at school.

// lit: besides usual days at school, leaving was fresh.


Kouhei: "Where should we go?"


Shiro: "The sea-front street is nice, but..."


Shiro: "Today, how about buying from that cafe that's been around for ages?"


Kouhei: "I see, it looks nice."


Shiro: "Since Erika-sempai seemed worn out,"


Shiro: "How about we head back with something peaceful, rather than something fancy?"


Kouhei: "Got it."


According to Shiro-chan's info, heading down the hill, we could get close to the sea-front street.

// unsure


Shiro: "Great, 'Sasaki' we were talking about earlier is near here as well."


Kouhei: "Well, why don't we drop by?"


Shiro: "But isn't it getting a bit late?"


Kouhei: "It'll be fine if we just pop in for a bit."


Kouhei: "While we're at it, we can get some tea cakes as well."


Shiro: "Y-Yes."


Heading on according to her directions, we entered a path heading away from the center of town.


Shiro: "Here, this way."


On the very edge of the usual course, we headed towards a quiet neighbourhood.


An aged building continued all the way across the street.


It's the first time I've seen such a place since coming to the island.


Kouhei: This house is amazing.


The fence continued off into the distance, and the main part of the house had a rather large interior.


Inside the childrens' house, I felt some kind of remarkable style.


Shiro: "This is my house."


Kouhei: "Ah, s-seems so."


Surely enough, on the nameplate of the fancy door, "Tougi" was written.


Kouhei: "It's an amazing house isn't it."


Shiro: "I don't think so, it's just an old house."


Kouhei: "Do you come back here on weekends?"


Shiro: "Sometimes I do."


The cafe we were looking for was right nearby, selling some nice stuff along with the tea leaves.


At first glance, the cafe seemed to be a somewhat hidden place.


Shiro: "And, here's Sasaki."


A bit of an excited introduction, Shiro-chan.


Not sure if it's something you can place much value on, but the look of her puffing out her chest was cute.


It seemed like a small store, and the gold letters on the shop sign had faded.


Even though a realised it read right to left, it took me a moment.


Here was written "Kikisa's Small Fruits".


Shiro: "Good Afternoon~"


Heading under the store curtain, Shiro headed in.


An older woman came out from inside.


Sasaki's Old Lady: "Oh my!"


Sasaki's Old Lady: "If it isn't Shiro-sama."




Shiro: "Sa-sama's, um..."


Sasaki's Old Lady: "Oh my, that was rude of me."


Sasaki's Old Lady: "Today's a weekday though, has something happened?"


Shiro: "Yes, we were on a bit of an errand, and decided to buy some tea-leaves on the way."


Shiro-chan answered innocently enough, but,


she said "Shiro-chan" didn't she.


Sasaki's Old Lady: "From him?"


Shiro: "He's always helping the seniors at school."


Kouhei: "Ah, thanks."


Sasaki's Old Lady: "Oh my, isn't that something."


Sasaki's Old Lady: "Would you like kintsuba today as well?"


Shiro: "Yes, please."


Shiro: "A round one today as well."


There's round ones?


Sasaki's Old Lady: "Yes, certainly."


The old lady wrapped up the kintsuba with practiced hands.


Sasaki's Old Lady: "Also, it's something I received, but I have some of this season's strawberries, if you'd like some."


Sasaki's Old Lady: "I'll wrap it all up together."


Shiro: "Ah, yes."


Kouhei: "Thanks alot."


As we left the store, the old lady came to see us off.


Sasaki's Old Lady: "Please make sure to come and visit us again!"


Shiro: "Yes!"


We left that so-called shop behind.


Holding onto the package of berries, it was just like I was holding onto baggage.


Kouhei: "I heard the house has history behind it, but it really seems like you're from a pretty distinguished family."


Shiro: "No... it's nothing like that."


Why did Shiro-chan suddenly seem ashamed?


Kouhei: "You seem to be being called Shiro-sama."


Shiro: "T-t-that's, um..."


Kouhei: "I'm just kidding, sorry."


I'd gotten confused.


Kouhei: "Alright, let's quickly buy Tougi-sempai's things and head back."


Shiro: "Yes."


Kouhei: "We're back~."


Erika: "Ahh, the tea's arrived~."


She certainly seems tired.


Shiro: "What about Onii-sama and the others?"


Erika: "The two of them left, but they said they'll be back soon."


Kouhei: The vice-president's been going at it alone? You must be tired."


Shiro: "Well then, let's make some tea right away."


Shiro: "We'll get lots of sugar ready too."


Erika: "Thanks~


Kouhei: "Vice-pres, won't you take a break for a moment.?"


Erika: "Yeah, alright."


It was a modest tea time.


Shiro-chan lined up the sweet smelling black tea she made and the lollies on the table.


Kouhei: "Do these lollies go well with the tea?"


Shiro: "It depends on the combination, but it matches well."


Shiro-chan looking quite proud once again.


I'll give it a try.


Kouhei: "Actually, it's pretty good."


Erika: "The kintsuba matches with the La'Busan Soucheux doesn't it."

//I don't know, some french sounding candy :P


Kouhei: "What type of tea is this?"


Erika: "It's chinese tea."


Erika: "That might be why it matches with the japanese candy."


Shiro: "Sasaki's candy is small enough, just to make it easy to eat I think."


Kouhei: "We can't have Shiro-sama open her mouth up that much right?"


Shiro: "Owh..."


Shiro: "I'm not giving Hasekura-sempai any more."


Kouhei: "Sorry."


Looks like I've annoyed her a bit.


It was fun seeing her put on a face that doesn't really ocme out much.


Shiro: "Hasekura-semapi, please make sure you taste it properly this time."


Kouhei: "Yeah. I'm tasting it carefully"


Kouhei: "It's too sweet, but it's a real strong sweetness."


Shiro: "Exactly."


She looks happy.


Kouhei: "... Huh, didn't we buy some round ones as well?"


Shiro: "Yes. I thought we ate lots of different ones though."


Shiro: "We bought a bit too much today."


Shiro: "Well then, how about next time we hold a real tea party?"


Erika: "That's a good idea."


Kouhei: "I think that sounds fun."


Shiro: "R-really?"


You seem quite shy taking my praise Shiro-chan.


Shiro: "...Ah, Erika-semapi, you have to return to your work soon though."


Kouhei: "True. Vice-pres, if there's anything I can help out with, I will."


Shiro: "I'll take care of it later."


Erika: "Yup, either one please."


Kouhei: "What should we do with the strawberries?"


Shiro: "Let's eat them together with everyone when Onii-sama and Iori-sempai are around."


Kouhei: "Alright."


Everyone took to their work.


As I helped out with work, I kept thinking about all of Shiro's different faces.